Dropdown Fields & Required Checkboxes Added to Form Builder

Dropdown Fields & Required Checkboxes Added to Form Builder

Dropdown Fields

We recently added two new features to our “additional questions” form builder. Firstly, you can now add dropdown answers to your custom questions, in addition to the checkboxes and textbooks you could previously add. To do this, go into the “Advanced Setup” tab of your donation form editor and select “Ask additional questions.”


After typing your question into the “question label” text box, select “Dropdown” as your value input type.


Proceed by typing in all of your possible answers in the corresponding fields.


Save your donation form, and you’re all set! It should look a little something like this:


Required Checkbox Confirmation

Our second new feature allows you to make a checkbox confirmation required for one of your additional questions. This can be used to ask your donors to agree with your terms before donating. For example, political campaigns can use this to confirm that a donor is a citizen who is 18 or older.

To add a required checkbox you must once again go to the “Advanced Setup” tab of your donation form editor. Once you have typed your question into the correct field and selected “Checkbox” as your answer value input type, select the box that reads “Require the donor to check this.”


As you can see below, if your donors forget to click the required checkbox, they will be notified and unable to move along the donation process until they have done so.


We hope these additions to the form builder will help you collect better data from your donors and ensure that your donors understand your terms.

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