Behind the Scenes – Games with Dameion and Suraya

This is a shorter than normal episode of The Important Podcast, where you are behind the scenes as I play games with Suraya Keating and Dameion Brown. These games are fun and loosened us up before our interviews.

You can play these games with friends, family, and colleagues. Enjoy!

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You Will Learn

  • Games that you can play with friends, family and colleagues.
  • How to make your partners look good.
  • Games you can use in the classroom as a professor, teacher or workshop facilitator
  • The question game.
  • 1, 2, 3 (also known as “Two, Three Bradford”), a game by Agusto Boal
  • Mirrors (the classic theatre game as taught by Alan Alda, Viola Spolin, etc.) and the lessons of listening and communicating clearly at the pace your audience/partner can understand.
  • the game: Your Name, Three Emotional Ways
  • the game: ping-ponging lines with emotional ranges
  • the game: Convergence / Mind Meld
  • Dolphin Training and the lessons within: the audience is on your side, the audience enjoys your joyful and committed struggle, you are interesting, when you as a performer do things to get a laugh or to be liked and it comes from a fearful place it pushes the audience away as they are no longer free from concern.

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Jared Polivka’s mission is to serve others while living a light-hearted, present, empathetic and responsible life. Jared serves nonprofits at, teaches at The Joy of Improv, and advises various technology startups and organizations. Stay in touch with Jared on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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