5 Actionable Tips on How to Increase Monthly Giving

5 Actionable Tips on How to Increase Monthly Giving

increase monthly giving

Recurring donors are an important part of nonprofit fundraising. The loyalty of these donors makes them valuable components of your organization. So, how can you encourage more of your supporters to give on a regular basis? We have some tips so you can encourage regular giving.

Before moving ahead, here’s a short video on How to turn One Time Donors into Recurring Givers ( 7 Tips):

1. Make sure your donation platform allows for easy monthly giving

First, make sure your donation platform allows for easy monthly giving. Make it an easy and obvious option for your donors to choose “monthly” when donating. Donorbox has one of the easiest ways to collect recurring donations.

increase monthly giving

2. Give your monthly donors exclusive updates

Give your monthly donors exclusive updates. Let them know what goals you are working on or what events you are planning, and include photos and personal stories. Let donors know that they really are making a difference!

improve recurring donations

3. Reach out to your loyal donors

Reach out to your loyal, long-term donors. Ask if they would like to upgrade to be a monthly donor when sending them updates or thank yous.

increase donor loyalty

4. Let your donors know the impact of their donations

Make sure monthly donors know how impactful their donations will be by showing what each donation will be used for.

tips to increase donations

5. Thank Your Donors

Say THANK YOU. Be appreciative, and show these donors how much they mean to your nonprofit. One way to show your gratitude is to thank them in a special section of your annual report or mention them in your newsletters. Or, write a thank you card or email.


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Raviraj heads the sales and marketing team at Donorbox. His growth-hacking abilities have helped Donorbox boost fundraising efforts for thousands of nonprofit organizations.

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