PNG Image Donate Buttons

We have a small feature update for you. Until recently, our Donorbox donate buttons had been CSS based. However, we decided to add PNG image buttons, so you can add a donate button into email campaigns (such as those on MailChimp), as well as on GitHub pages. Here’s how to use them:

1. Go to your Donorbox dashboard and click “Donate button” by the appropriate campaign.


2. Scroll past the CSS Code to find the “PNG Image Buttons”. You can choose the size and color of your button, as well as set the option for recurring donations as default. Once you’ve customized your donate button, download the PNG by clicking on it.


3. Now, to add your donation button to a MailChimp email campaign, create your campaign and click the “Image” button in your text editor. Other email campaign software such as Campaign Monitor will work in a similar fashion.


4. Upload your donation button PNG and link it to your Donorbox campaign link.


5. That’s it! You are now ready to send your email campaign, complete with a donation button.