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Help us spread the word about the importance of the Parents' Bill of Rights. With support of $4,000, RebuildNH can purchase billboards in six locations for a full month. This will help us pressure the legislature and the governor as well as bring more parents to the cause of liberty in New Hampshire. 

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      Donor Wall26

      Priscilla Terry | $25

      Now is the time!

      Anonymous | $25

      We The People...May the force be with you!

      Michael | $50

      Thank you for all your efforts - God Bless you!

      John-Dale DiCicco | $1,000

      ARTICLE VI SECTION 2: " This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States shall be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND; and the JUDGES IN EVERY STATE SHALL BE BOUND THEREBY, anything in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. "It cannot now be doubted that the Due Process clause of the Fourteen Amendment PROTECTS the fundamental RIGHTS of PARENTS to make destroying concerning the care, custody and control of their children" Troxel v Granville 530 US 57 (2000) We need a common law Grand Jury of 25 sovereign men and women to convene and LAWFULLY terminate the eleemosynary of the Corporation State of New Hampshire and return our Great state sovereign Republic. Keep up the great fight Andrew and team!!!

      Mary-Elisabeth | $20

      Thank you!! We will never give up.

      Peter Geremi | $100

      You guys are saving NH and AMERICA!! Thank you so much!!!

      james | $50

      Rino's have no place in NH -protect parents rights


      Thank you RebuildNH for all your hard work. Future Granite Stater's will thank you too.


      We will win and we will stay vigilant!

      M & T Faunce | $200

      Sarah | $133

      $133 pays for one day! Thanks for all your hard work. We support you!

      Linette | $25

      Our Governor is ignoring the will of the people.

      Joseph | $50

      Anyone who is against this bill is PRO state raised indoctrinated children. This needs to end or we loose any chance at a future.

      Linnea Stevenson | $10

      Hopefully the veto can & should be overridden


      Thanks for your efforts.

      Angelica | $50

      As a mom with one who is graduating HS soon and another, with 4 years left in the public school system, THANK YOU for ALL you're doing! Godspeed!

      Eric Anthony | $25

      Mark Constantian

      Julie | $100

      THANK YOU!!!

      Thomas McLeod | $50

      We need to all come together to stop the Woke Agenda from ruining our public school system.

      Renee Palm

      Anonymous | $10

      Keep up the great work...

      Danielle Mackie | $50

      Frank Natoli

      Keep the pressure on!

      Kristine | $500

      Keep up the good fight! Down with tyrants, Live Free or Die!

      Andrew J Manuse