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Provides cutting-edge neurological rehabilitation resources to Austin, Texas.
$114,391.83 thru October 2022

Tell us about Project Charley. What inspired its start?

Project Charley was founded as a result of a tragic car accident in June of 2016 involving Barney Sinclair and his three children on a road trip to Oklahoma. Charley, age 5, was injured the worst and began a long road to recovery. After many months in the hospital, Charley was able to come home and begin her rehabilitation.

Part of her rehabilitation included a weekly three and a half hour commute from Austin, TX to Ft. Worth to visit the Neurological Recovery Center to spend time on the Lokomat - a state of the art piece of rehab equipment that was proving to help her walk again.

After months of making the round trip to Ft. Worth, we founded Project Charley as a non-profit organization to bring a LokoMat to Austin, TX.

Our Mission: Create access to specialized neurological rehabilitation for hundreds of central Texans by bringing cutting-edge equipment and resources to Austin, TX.

Execution is Everything: To ensure a sustainable nonprofit organization, Project Charley has forged relationships with strategic partners , identified a perfect operating partner here in Austin, and built an impactful advisory board to help pave the way.

We will tell 25 incredible stories like Charley’s, each tied to specific campaign to raise funds for equipment that will change many lives. Our first campaign is to fund the purchase of a Lokomat device. See below for more information.

What sorts of challenges do you face?

With no prior experience in establishing and running the day to day operations of a nonprofit, we faced several challenges and important decisions in the initial formation of Project Charley.

We were very fortunate to connect with strategic partners and key volunteers to help develop a website and video content to tell our first Story and give us the foundation to start our fundraising efforts.

The support from our growing network has been nothing short of amazing, but time and bandwidth continue to be our biggest challenge in achieving our goals

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How has your nonprofit grown or changed over time?

We are still in our first 6 months as an organization and continue to grow and learn on a daily basis. We are currently developing our next round of Stories and planning our first annual fundraising event here in Austin, TX for Fall 2018.

We have developed a good plan for the next 12 months and focused on executing our Mission.

How were you raising funds before Donorbox?

Donorbox was our first choice for raising funds and we have been extremely pleased with the software + services we have received.


Clint Smith

Donorbox has been instrumental in facilitating our online donations. With seamless integration into our website and easy to use features and functionality, we have been extremely pleased as an organization and would recommend Donorbox to any non profit organization looking to streamline campaign efforts.

Austin Meadows

Donorbox hit everything we were required in our fundraising software, plus your platform incorporated features we asked for in our early discussions. Now we are seeing everything we wanted and these modifications are more ice cream on the pie.


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