NF2 Information and Services - Help Us Help People with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2)

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    Join NF2 Information and Services, on their journey to spread knowledge and awareness of Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). From detailed research to supportive resources for the diagnosed, NF2 Information and Services is committed to helping those afflicted by this genetic condition live with a higher quality of life. But they need your help!

    Your donation, to NF2 Information and Service, Inc. (NF2 IS), which is a federally registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Public Charity, not only helps people learn more about what they face and what options that are available for a better quality of life, but it aiming to be a trusted source for doctors learning how to help people with NF2.
    There are two upcoming major resources, the “NF2 Survival Guide” and the "NF2 Medical Guide". They both cannot and will not be available until several doctors, of several types, review their content. Help NF2 IS reach their goal of $18,000! You can help patients with NF2 find answers and restore hope by helping NF2 IS.

    NF2 Patients Guide
    The ‘NF2 Survival Guide’ (which is almost complete) will be a complete book and a booklet, that will be shared with doctors’ offices and the community. It will also be available as a PDF for easier access and to aid the vision impaired. The PDF will also be available free online. NF2'ers (patients with NF2) and their families will learn what to expect from NF2 and important things to know and remember when consulting their doctors.

    The ‘NF2 Survival Guide’ will help individuals with NF2 and their families learn:
    1. Questions to Ask A Doctor: 1) 'What should I expect from NF2?' and 2) 'What are the important things to know, remember and watch for?' when consulting doctors, in terms of health issues, treatments listed in the book will help an individual to learn the advantages and disadvantages of different medical options and procedures.
    2. Physical Therapy: A list of physical therapy methods that can be done at home that will aid in recovery process. This is important as in some situations physical therapy is necessary.
    3. Healing with Vitamins and Nutrition: NF2 nutrition facts will explain food and vitamins that can aid in better, healthier and more complete recoveries between treatments.

    Complete List of NF2 Information and Services Goals
    1. share information for earlier diagnosis
    2. share information on things that can delay tumor progression  
    3. help people with NF2 learn communications options for independent living  
    4. help people with NF2 recover from tumor issues faster and more completely to help them live longer
    5. help people with NF2 find a listing of sources for services they might need

    NF2 IS, is run by people with NF2 and families of people with NF2, who are looking to help others like themselves live with the best Quality of Life.  
    Services are not provided by the charity NF2 IS, services are simply a share of information of organizations to contact for help with different issues. The NF2 IS Board Members have a strict policy to guarantee no bias of information for services can occur by agreeing to not accepting sponsorship from any medical source. NF2 IS does not have goals to help individuals with personal medical issues, only clarity of facts to stop the serious issue of misinformation because few doctors know what NF2 is, and have never even met an individual with NF2.

    Every dollar is important and in things I have done to help others with very little funding should be proof enough of what I could do with every $1 donated. Please help by donating to NF2 Information and Services.

    Alternate Donation Funds: Research and Physical Therapy

    Donations specifically to this link are for Education: Print Material, Online Material and Events, and Seminars for Doctors, but NF2 Information and Services also needs help with funding to read research material and for efforts to help people with physical therapy for balance Recovery:

    Donations by Mail
    Checks or money orders can be sent by mail and made payable to

    NF2 Information and Services, Inc.
    PO Box 714, Upton, NY 11973

    NF2 Information and Services, Inc., which also runs, has been a Corporation since September 2013, and a charity under section 501(c) (3), with Public Charity Status of 509(a) (02) since July 2014. EIN#: 46-3767757 Board Members and CEO are individuals with NF2 or immediate family of individuals with NF2, including the Founder/President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Medical advice should always be sought by consultation with a medical professional. The NF2 Information and Services organization and affiliated website, are not run by medical professionals.