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Empower public-school children and young women to create sustainable communities by environmental and job education.

What are we raising funds for? 

R.O.L.E. Foundation needs a new 20-seat minibus. 

Cost: Rp. 301.700.000 (21.396 USD). 

We are currently using a 10-year old minibus that after daily use is becoming a safety hazard and needs replacing. 

Why does R.O.L.E. Foundation need this minibus? 

1) Bringing 15-20 public school children from South Kuta in Bali, aged 9-15, to the ZeroWaste Center, where they learn how they can make a positive environmental impact. 

Because there is no environmental education in most Indonesian schools. The future of a healthy environment depends on the next generation.

2) Transporting 15-20 Indonesian female students, aged 17-24 from the Bali WISE hospitality skills center to off-site learning locations and partner training sites. 

Because disadvantaged young Indonesian women need skills education to break the poverty cycle and develop sustainable communities.

With your help, R.O.L.E. Foundation can provide the public-school kids and the Bali WISE students a safe trip!

About R.O.L.E. Foundation

R.O.L.E. Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia. 

Its vision is to empower local people and businesses through practical education programs so that they can improve their local environment and develop sustainable communities. 

We do this by:

  • Inspiring local government, businesses, and households to incorporate zero waste principles into their waste management system through comprehensive waste handling training
  • Empowering marginalized women and integrate them back into the economy through skills training
  • Developing young children into environmental believers
  • Researching and developing sustainable businesses and social enterprises that do not harm the environment

More info: 

R.O.L.E. Foundation has 2 skills centers:


Bali WISE is an educational skills center focusing on Bali’s hospitality industry. The high-quality education and skills training live up to the high-quality standards of professional tourism businesses. 

Our mission is to empower young, marginalized Indonesian women through hospitality skills education as a means to break the poverty cycle and develop sustainable communities in Indonesia.

In short, this is what Bali WISE provides.


The program includes 3 months of basic hospitality & life skills and another 3 months of practical on-job training at one of the eleven Bali WISE hospitality partners; 5-star resorts and hotels, spa academies, and tour and travel agencies. And, as a result, 87% gets a steady job within three months after graduation. 

During these 6 months, the students live in the Bali WISE campus. The minibus brings the students to the off-site learning locations which are part of the training program.

More info: 

ZeroWaste Center

An environmental skills center that shares environmental knowledge & gives waste management training to local governments, businesses, communities and people, so that they can apply it into their working surroundings and their daily lives. 

By doing so, the local environment will be improved and the amount of waste ending up in rivers and oceans, or going to landfill will be reduced.

In the Kids Environmental Classroom, the children learn to apply environmental principles in their community by examining local problems and finding solutions for it. They develop long-term thinking and become more aware of their environmental impact on their communities. 

Twice a week, the minibus picks them us to bring them to the ZeroWaste Center. Besides that, there’s a weekly afternoon English program for local kids of Sawangan area. They learn English and have environmental lessons in a fun way.

More info: 


Please donate and turn dreams into reality!

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    Indonesia: Registration as a non-profit organization by the Department of Social Welfare since 15th November 2007. Yayasan Role Bali, Reg. No: 060.1/16101.IV/BPMP/2016. Australia: Registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ABN 50127339717).