Room at the Table e-cookbook

We are delighted to partner with Chopped Champion, Silvia Baldini of Strawberry & Sage, Jessie YuChen as Photography Director and Designer, and Chloe Zale as Recipe Editor and Photographer, to create Room at the Table; Recipes from the Heart - a collection of over 100 family recipes donated by New Canaan Democrats, friends, community leaders, and legislators. It’s a cookbook about the joy and benefits of sharing delicious meals with others; It is also about building a bigger table that welcomes and includes our friends and neighbors, embraces our diversities, and celebrates our expansive attitudes and values of compassion and care for everyone.

This is a multicultural e-cookbook of over 200 pages with clear influences from all corners of the world simply because that’s where we are from. Each recipe is the thread of memories woven through the years into a fabric of treasured times with family and traditions that we all carry in our hearts.

We are sharing our recipes to share our hearts, but most importantly to reaffirm that the bigger we build the table, the better our communities and lives will be.

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