Naturally Supernatural: Biblical Foundation for a Supernatural Lifestyle

Naturally Supernatural: Foundations for a Supernatural Lifestyle is a course designed to equip believers with a foundational understanding of how to operate in the supernatural power of God in their daily lives.  Through biblical teaching and practical application, our aim is to train members of the body of Christ to live and minister like Jesus.

Principles of the Course:

1.   Biblical Foundation – Everything taught in this course is rooted in the truth of Scripture.  We encourage everyone to examine the Scriptures and develop a personal understanding of the topics covered.  Never accept someone’s teaching without testing it against the Word of God.

2.    Practical Application – It is one thing to learn something and it is a completely different thing to apply it.  We will build the theological framework for how to live a naturally supernatural life, but that is only one piece of the puzzle.  Through practical exercises, we will be practicing how to operate in the supernatural in every session.

3.    Everyone Plays – We firmly believe that everyone has the ability to operate in the supernatural.  This power is not given only to the “man of God” on the platform but is available to each and every believer who hungers for it.  A core principle of our course is to have everyone participate not only in the learning but also in the doing of the supernatural.

4.    Equipped to Go – Though it is important to learn and practice moving in the power of God in the safe environment of the classroom, our ultimate aim is to live this in our everyday life.  With that in mind, we encourage everyone to “practice” what they are learning in the normal routines of their week.

Course Syllabus:

This is what we will be covering over our 8 weeks together:

    Week 1 – Session 1: The Authentic Move of the Holy Spirit

    Week 2 – Session 2: The Source of Supernatural Living

    Week 3 – Session 3: Living in a Superior Reality

    Week 4 – Session 4: The Goal of Supernatural Living

    Week 5 – Session 5: Power Evangelism

    Week 6 – Session 6: The Cost of Supernatural Living

    Week 7 – Session 7: Practical Lessons for Becoming Naturally Supernatural

    Week 8 – Session 8: The Reward of Supernatural Living

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