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The hunting club initiation of Tammy

My name is Tammy. My husband and several of his buddies have a cabin in the woods on some very remote property in the mountains of PA. I had never been invited to see it and wondered why they all enjoyed their time so much at this place. They were very secretive of what went on, and never seemed to come home with any wild game. So, I started asking questions. My husband asked me if I wanted to go on the next hunt, and I said "sure". He told me if I went, I had to do whatever he asked. I always do what my hubby wants so I said not a problem.

We loaded up the truck on a Saturday. It took several hours of driving to get there. We turned off the main road and made our way down a long gravel roadway. We passed a few abandoned cabins. There did not seem to be anyone in the area. We turned off on an unmarked road just wide enough for the truck to get by. We drove on it for several minutes before coming to a clearing where a small cabin stood. There were already several other trucks parked in the yard when we pulled to a stop. I was a bit nervous since I did not know who was here or what to expect.

Before we got out of the truck, my husband reminded me of my promise to do anything he said to do. I reminded him that I was completely at his service, thinking that I would be serving drinks and cooking all weekend long. Then he held out his hand and told me to hand him my clothes. "What?" I said, confused. "I said take off your clothes, Tammy. This is the last time this weekend you will be wearing anything at all." 

I just sat there dumbstruck. "What about the guys who drove up in those trucks? Where are they?" "The boys are anxiously waiting for your arrival, inside." 

I slipped off my top and my shorts, panties and bra, and gave them to my husband. He had a devious look on his face as he watched me strip. He said, "OK, let’s go in". My nipples were rock hard as I climbed from the truck. My heart was racing. What have I agreed to? How many people are inside? Do I know any of them? Will they like what they see? I was secretly glad I was freshly shaved down there. 

My husband held the cabin door open for me and I walked into the dark room. After my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw several men that were regulars at our house, and a few faces I did not know. I was embarrassed but very excited about being naked in front of these friends and strangers. I held back behind my husband as he introduced me to the crowd as this weekend’s slut. They all cheered and tipped their beers towards us in a creepy welcome.

My first order was to go around the room and ask who needed a fresh beer. I got my ass slapped and breasts groped in the process. It was very erotic to be the only one in the room who was naked and surrounded by lustful men. My pussy was getting wet. They gave me a tray and I loaded it up with cold beer and I handed them out. When I came to a man whom I knew, it was all I could do to look him in the eye. They were seeing me totally naked for the first time after being around me at parties and back yard bar-b-ques. It was quite arousing. My pulse raced as I circled the room.

Next on the agenda was what they called the "name that cock". I was blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back.


I was put on my knees and waited. This could only mean one thing; I was going to have to start sucking cock. Soon I could feel someone standing in front of me. I automatically opened my mouth like a good little sub, and immediately an erect penis was placed in my mouth. I was supposed to suck on it long enough to guess who in the room I thought that cock belonged to. I love sucking cock and this finally allowed my Weekend Slut persona to emerge freely. I sucked it for several minutes, for my own pleasure. I love having a hard throbbing penis in my mouth. If I sensed the owner was nearly about to cum I would stop and guess a name. The room would either cheer or howl in disapproval at my choices. I lost count of how many dicks were in my mouth. My hands were still tied behind my back, but I was dying to rub my clit and get myself off. I know my husband took delight in my desperation and that’s probably why my hands were tied behind me. A few of them shot their load in my mouth before I was expecting, so I had a nice taste of man juice to enjoy as the next event was announced.

My husband led me to the dining room table. I was still blindfolded. He laid me on my back with my ass at the edge of the table. My legs dangled free. My arms were pulled out in a Y shape and re-tied to the table. My pussy was on fire, and I was desperate for it to be touched. This game did not have a name but the men who I guessed correctly got to fuck me. Of course, I had no idea who or how many were right, so this might be a marathon session or might be no one. Now that I think about it, I don’t recall naming my husband as one who had been in my mouth, so I guess he was content to watch his wife suck a roomful of other men’s hard dicks.

I waited in anticipation before someone finally grabbed my ankles and spread my legs. I was dripping pussy juice. My cunt lips were swollen and probably a hot pink color as they waited to be assaulted. That first hard-on slipped into me easily and was balls deep before I knew it. I gave an audible gasp and immediately had a powerful orgasm. My legs were quivering, and I shot a large amount of squirt out of my cunt. My back curled up and my hips squirmed uncontrollably as that orgasm ripped thru me. The room broke into cheers as I spasmed. 

The man fucking me did not last long. His tension was also at a fever pitch, and I heard him grunt and spurt a stream of cum into my vagina. It was warm and nasty, and I loved being filled with the sperm of an unknown man. I nearly came again in response to that cum filling my hole, but the dick was quickly pulled out of me and replaced by another. This one was larger and began pounding me relentlessly. My clit was being battered by his pubic hair in a lightly tantalizing way. I was not going to cum from that light tension, but I was right on the verge. He fucked me hard for several minutes before adding his load to the previous guy’s cum. 

I must have only guessed two right since I was quickly whisked off the table and tied down again, still blind-folded. Not being able to see or anticipate anything made this much more erotic for me. I was as limp as a rag doll, having cum twice already, so being put face down on a leather ottoman was almost like offering me to take a break. But I did not get a break. My knees were on the floor, my thighs spread, and my ass was open like an inviting target. I soon felt a pair of strong hands grab my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Then a large, stiff prick smeared my juices from bottom to top starting at my clit and ending at my asshole.


This happened again and the combo of my pussy juices and leaked cum were rubbed all over my crack. Then a finger slipped into my unprepared butt hole. I tried to relax since I knew I was going to get ass fucked. My husband is particularly fond of doing that, so I wondered if it was him back there. But as soon as the mystery penis tried to enter my ass hole, I knew it was not hubby, it was too large. I winced as the hard dick slowly eased into my opening. The mystery fucker wiped up more of my drooling pussy juice to use as lube for his anal assault. After he got past the first tight ring of muscles, my anus slowly relaxed. My fucker hesitated a moment to let me adjust to his size, then continued to push in, balls deep. I felt like that dick was a foot long inside my body. I was shocked I could take so much. He reversed and pulled nearly all the way out and then eased it back in again, this time a bit faster. My body began to work with the strokes of this mystery lover, and I was again on the verge of another orgasm, without ever being touched on my clit. There is something about being completely dominated while being sodomized that is incredibly hot to me. Once again, I had an unanticipated orgasm, and my entire body shook. I screamed in pleasure. My backdoor fucker sped up and pounded himself into me, and soon finished in my ass. He pulled out and came around to my head and forced his dick into my mouth. "Clean me, Slut", which I gladly did. 

My gaping ass was soon filled again by another hunter’s stiff dick. He was smaller and easier to take. The previous cum load really lubed up my hole. This guy took his time and slowly stroked in and out of me. He bent over me and I could feel the roughness of his chin stubble on the middle of my back between my shoulder blades. He planted delicate kisses on my skin, and I felt his hot breath as he struggled to keep from finishing too soon. He began to grunt and breathe harder. I could tell he was nearly ready to unload. He shot his sperm, and I could feel his cock pulsing inside my tight hole. After he was done, he pulled out and had me clean it off too. I never had done an ass to mouth before tonight. The flavor was not unpleasant. When caught up in the heat of passion, some acts that might seem too sordid to do, suddenly become the norm. Tonight, I sucked clean several penises right after they had been lodged in either my pussy or my ass hole. I was dripping man seed and sweat. My face was sticky with sperm and my own butt juices. I lost track of how many orgasms I had. I think I may have passed out momentarily from the relentless pleasure. 

Soon, the men were all spent. They untied me and I crawled on to the couch and slipped off the blindfold. Each of my holes slowly oozed spunk. I was given a beer and a towel and allowed to catch my breath. I never experienced such a series of poundings, and I was completely exhausted from the ordeal. I glanced over and caught my husband grinning at me. I must have looked like a wreck, with all the dried cum on my hair and skin. He walked over to me and picked me up in his arms and took me to bed. He kissed me and told me how proud and turned-on he was as he watched me become the Camp Slut. That is now a name I will be thrilled to have whenever I am here..


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