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Donor Wall149

Selma Sahin | $100

Todor Khristov | $104.15

Dearest beloved Almine, your teachings and practices are really the most cutting-edge and profound. When I was in Delhi in the year 2000, I remember the monument — people are rising, standing up and following Mahatma Gandhi. As if experiencing the same, I am having a feeling as if I am rising from the knees.

Baiba | $25

Thank you for being the Lighthouse in my life over many years.

Sabine | $31.46

I am beyond grateful for the ongoing inspiration I get from working through Almine's teachings and through her presence with us here on this beautiful planet we call our home.

Joel | $25

Michele | $52.23

Gratitude & Love

Javier | $31.46

Thank you Almine for all that you are.

Chayakorn Damrongtrongsiri | $52.23

Thank you for the opportunity to participate such wonderful surprise.

SonjaJean | $104.15

Wishing you a beautiful and bright Holiday Season for you and your family. 🕊

Kathleen Frances

With all my heart I sing my song of gratitude for Almine’s presence in my life💓🕊🙏🏻

Dhani Nallainathan | $104.15

With love, may this amount multiply 10x or more over in your account dear Almine. May you enjoy peace and joy with wonderful blessings throughout your home this holiday season. Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous | $200

Andrey Burenok | $200

Just wanted to say I love you and my gratitude has no boundaries

Joanna | $25

Deep gratitude ❤️🙏

Kathleen | $20.20

Dear Almine, With Gratitude for the Blessings and Gifts, Love Kathleen

Anonymous | $26.27

Joel | $25

Happy Thanksgiving ! Seer Almine

SonjaJean | $104.15

Reflecting on the bounty and beauty that you are. I Love you. Happy Thanksgiving❤️

ellen sayer

marli chan | $52.23

Michael Lawrience | $13.81/M

Thank You Almine for your continuing contribution to the Upliftment of the Earth & All Life. Bless You.

Dhani Nallainathan | $104.15

May this amount multiply 10x over and more, in your bank account. May it serve you well.

Sabine | $41.85

Anonymous | $266/M

With deep gratitude to one so worthy of our support and love. May all your sacrifices of love to follow the Infinite’s Intent and your surrendered obedience to that call now be returned to you in blessing multiplied ten fold. Thank you for answering that call and for being a true Shepherd of the flock — the one most worthy to follow! You have never been forsaken! Consider this as a time of your remembrance … a time of reaping the rewards from your labor of love and for the countless hours, days, and years of your dedication to follow the path set before you. You have given much and now it is time for you to receive karma payback. We consider it a privilege and honor to have been the beneficiaries of your mission. Because of your teachings we know that the journey never ends, it simply unfolds … in perfect timing. You have enriched our lives beyond measure! We know another door will open and life will be filled with new adventures ahead. I’m not certain but it seems to me that The Infinite delights in surprises … that goes without saying … (when we least expect it!) Since The Infinite is unfathomable who knows what that portends??? If that is a DNA trait might we all be infected with it?! There could even be a new “Song” on the horizon? Who knows … maybe all of us will be infected with an optimism that is incurable and unstoppable. Love eternal, Peter Pan


Andrey Burenok | $1,038.73

Happy birthday my dear Almine ❤️🙏 Love you 😍 Andrey

Selma | $50

My donation to Almine this month is especially blessed with gratitude on her un-birthday for her presence & presents in our lives. Thank-you!

Dhani | $113.50

Deares Almine, I am so very glad to be able to gift you this, during this month of your UN-Birthday. May we shine the light fantastic ever more! Wishing you great blessings, abundance and peace dearest.


My first tithing from Belvaspata Healing session with much Gratitude for Almine and Angels-Gods.

ellen sayer