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Donor Wall78


With deep gratitude

Joel | $25


Eternal gratitude & blessings for our beloved Almine for all that She is and does for Original Ones & all of the Cosmos.

ellen sayer

Dhani N | $57.42

May this multiply 10x or more for dearest Almine. Infinite in Action


Love and Blessings Beautiful Almine


Tallulah Bleu | $26.27

I love you Beloved Almine.

Joanna Wilby | $25

Deep appreciation and love ❤️


My Praise! Love! Grattitude! To The Angel's💗Almine ❤and the members of The Board❤🐇 for Blessing me with The Clarity and Healing to make my next big step.

Joel | $26.27

Love, Praise, Gratitude, and Trust

Marcia Silva

I am forever thankful for your teachings dear Seer Almine. Love and Blessings 💜✨

Moana Ngatai | $111

Arohanui 💗

SonjaJean Craig | $104.15

Thank you beautiful one🌹

Dhani N | $57.42

Wouldn't it be wonderful if these donated amounts multiply 10x or more as it goes into Almine's account. :)

ellen sayer

Amber Smith | $25


Beloved Almine, Thank You!!!... for being The Teacher, The Source of Joy and The Reminder of Vibration in my Life!

Reynold Sacco

Dear Almine, your teachings are filled with inspirations, abundant knowledge and encompassed healing modalities which allow me in tapping into my limitless potential. Thanks 🙏🏻

Tallulah Bleu

I love you Beloved Almine.

Vanessa Power | $25

Beloved Mother, I love thee With my utmost gratitude for the privilege and grace of thine presance on the sacred Earth My tears continue to flow, I don't know why. The great changes ahead are imminent I ask that gift of graceful change be bestowed upon all Original Ones and all life, that we may have poise in surrendered trust and great inner strength, and courage to follow our inspiration and make the changes within

Peter Pan Hightower | $266

The Universe abhors a vacuum

Elyse | $50/M


In Love Praise and Gratitude for YOur ON~goINg support and dedication I Love YOU deeply

Else | $52.23/M

Dearest Almine, with much Love Praise Gratitude and Trust. Thank you for everything you have given me, so I may shine my Eternal Destiny on an everlasting adveturous journey. 🧡Else

Kathleen | $200

With blessings of deep gratitude and everlasting love♥️

Dhani | $104.15

With love and gratitude for your magnificent presence on this journey. May the blessings flow eternally.

Tallulah Bleu | $31.46

I love you forever beloved Almine.

Sue | $52.23

Eternal Reverence and Love

ellen sayer