My Blue Heart-Marine Conservation

My Blue Heart - Marine Conservation is a small UK-based non-profit organisation, with six projects in place to help protect marine life.

We plan events such as: beach cleans, river cleans, recycling projects and data collection. My Blue Heart is developing vital partnerships with schools and colleges to educate young people and encourage them to engage in marine-positive activities from an early age.

Using a range of social media platforms, we also create educational art which teaches the importance of recycling and the consequences of littering.

The ocean is extremely fascinating and the most mysterious place on earth. The ocean is filled with endless beauty and life, that even today there is still so much we have not explored yet. Over 70% of the earth is covered by ocean, which plays a vital part in producing the oxygen we breathe and absorbing carbon dioxide.

We must respect it and protect it.

Our Six Projects:

Project Recycle, Project Litter, Project Seabed, Project Toxic, Project Tanks and Project Ocean.


Any help to support My Blue Heart Marine Conservation would be greatly appreciated. As this is the beginning for My Blue Heart, we need to purchase the equipment needed to get ourselves out there safely. We are planning events such as beach and river cleans, attending festivals, fairs and exhibitions. Our projects are being actioned already however we are limited due to the current situations.

Our Vision Statement
My Blue Heart may start small but are aiming BIG. Protecting all marine life worldwide, from environmental habitat destruction due to human pollution, our lack of knowledge and our poor enforcement. Working towards relieving specific marine life in captivity and or animal cruelty worldwide. We aim to educate the public, creating a greener pathway for others to follow and respect.

My Blue Heart want to make a difference and we are proud to say, that we are already. My Blue Heart currently work in close partnership with My Green Heart, offering plastic free, Eco-friendly and vegan everyday products. Supplying many alternatives to the hazardous chemicals being used daily, which sadly makes its way to the ocean.

If you have a moment, check out our partnering company and our joint website with My Green Heart:

We are happy to announce that My Green Heart supports My Blue Heart - Marine Conservation. My Green Heart have labelled certain products with the 'Ocean Love' sticker, My Green Heart will be donating 5% of those product sales to My Blue Heart - Marine Conservation.

Every single penny will be used to protect all marine life,
So we thank you for your support.

Kindest Regards

Rebecca Ounsworth

Director / Founder of
My Blue Heart
Marine Conservation

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      My Blue Heart is a non profit organisation and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Donations collected will be used to purchase equipment needed to put our projects into action.