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      Christianity affirms the humanity of preborn children, and affirms that abortion is the murder of preborn children. Missionaries to the Preborn is a Christian mission devoted to the love and ministry of this neglected people group, and by partnering with us, you are helping us continue to come together as a last line of defense on behalf of those babies taken into America’s abortion clinics. 

      As abolitionists, those who work with Missionaries to the Preborn must make every effort to engage equally in works of assistance and agitation. In this we simultaneously fulfill our servanthood mandate to be salt with our prophetic mandate to be light.

      We make a practice of bringing the darkness of abortion out into the light of day. This means putting the horrors of abortion on display before the world. This means speaking out about spiritual destruction which abortion causes to men, women, children, the family, and the entire fabric of our modern society. This means exposing the abortion industry as a multi-million dollar business built on the blood of oppressed people. This means exposing the way the abortion “issue” is used as a political football by lobbyists on both sides of the aisle to insure their party’s power and place of influence. This means pointing out the fact that most churches do little to stand against abortion and that most pastors are terrified to speak out against child-sacrifice from the pulpit.

      At the same time, we must not simply stand- p and speak out against the injustices we seek to abolish. We must also give their lives to helping those caught up in the culture that contains those injustices. This means caring for the numerous children who were not destroyed by abortion yet born into a life of maltreatment, neglect, abandonment, and abuse. This means opening our homes to the fatherless, and our hearts to the forsaken through adoption and foster-care. This means assisting women with financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual counseling and care. This means doing to others as you would have them do to you.

      We will speak up for our preborn neighbor and offer help to the parents who bring their children to these death camps.

      Thank you for partnering with us, and may the Lamb that was slain recieve the reward of his suffering!