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Donor Wall29

Sierra Juana whole body care | $11/M

Thank you for your work and kind voice. I find your interpretations and words so very helpful.

arsenia reilly-collins | $22/M

you're so talented. thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

Bethan Woodward | $5/M

I will upgrade my donations as and when I can! Thank you!!

Ren | $5/M

I appreciate how intersectional and nuanced your takes on astrology are, it’s truly refreshing and makes my heart sing! I feel seen/validated and blessed for coming across your work and grateful of how accessible it is. 🌸 Mahalo for all that you do~

Ali | $3/M

Hello Renee! I have been following embodied astrology and listening to the podcasts almost religiously for three years now. I was a monthly subscriber up until recently as I’ve fallen on hard financial times. But I did want to take a moment to reach out and thank you personally, which I have never really done before! So, THANK YOU!🦋 You have been such a wave of guidance, clarity, support, and inspiration to me! Your astrological forecast reports have been the anchor that gets me through challenging times. They bring me so much conformation for the experiences and events of these transitional times and I am grateful for the wisdom and insights you teach & share generously with the world. I greatly appreciate the work you do here on earth. I wish I could contribute more, sincerely, but i am sick & poor right and going through a traumatic time, but I know one of the best tools for my healing is your podcasts & daily journals. So once again, thank you for what you do and for making astrology so accessible to people who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. 🦋💜💫


Thank you for all of your offerings!

elizabeth robinson | $5/M


Heather | $5/M

Thank you Renee!

Jax | $10/M

Thank you Renee! I respect you and the work you do in the world tremendously. Thank you for supporting our indigenous sisters and brothers through your partnership with Seeding Sovereignty!

Cindy | $5/M

This Embodied Astrology has been a journey of self contemplation and I am so happy to have found it! Thank you so much

Blu Jay | $50/M

you somatic meditations we're recommended to me by a friend and have since given me so much perspective and healthy enquiries. I'm grateful for you're practice and grateful for you.

Haley Sage | $10/Q

Thank you so much for your work. I've been listening on Spotify since last year and now find your work indispensable during this amazing time in human history!


I appreciate all the learning I will gain from this. Thank you so much


I also make a podcast about European folk and spiritual tradition (Fair Folk Podcast - with a monthly Almanac on Patreon) and I love how different both our offerings are, though they both knit together the physical and the metaphysical. I really enjoy your work. Thank you.

Danette Bauer | $3/M

Stefanie Harrer | $5/M

Thank you Rene for all the information you share with heart and embodiment :)


I am so grateful for having run into Embodied Astrology. Thank you Renee for your work that is deeply empowering.

Izik | $20/M

Thank you for the work you do

Helene Saucedo | $5/M

Your works comes highly recommended! I will raise my donation when I am able to. <3

Sarah | $3/M

Thank you for your beautiful work!


I appreciate your podcasts and insight.

Thea | $3/M


Renee, I’m a longtime listener of your podcast and I am so appreciative of your insight. Thank you, thank you for sharing with me.

Mujercolibri | $10/M

You are gift, thank you for sharing your wisdom and medicine with us all. I appreciate you and am so glad I found you....❣

Nicole Lorenzo

Thank you Renee for your heartfelt, healing offerings. Please accept this small token of my thanks to help sustain this transformational and expanding body of work.


Tamara Movold | $5/M

You really are the best and I love what you bring to the world. I know it's not much but I hope it helps a little.


I always look forward to new Embodied Astrology content and find Renee's style relevant, inspirational, and supportive.


thank you for your work, it's consistently amazing content, and for that i am grateful.