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    Help sponsor a creation missionary today!

    Missionaries across the United States and around the world need your support to continue their work on the mission field.

    It was a Thursday afternoon and I looked around the Creation Orlando Museum to see the many exhibits overflowing with happy, smiling children and their parents. All of them were talking excitedly and enjoying the exhibits as they learned more about the Biblical worldview. The lives of children and families across America and around the world are being enriched at our museums because of the work of our friendly and knowledgeable Creation Missionaries.

    The International Association For Creation provides donors, volunteers, and advocates with the local Biblical worldview resources they need to help impact their community for Christ.

    A few of the resources we are working to bring to your community include:
    -Creation Discovery DIY, helping our creation missionaries build their creation science museums.
    -MOVE Project, training students to give creation tours of secular aquariums, museums, and zoos.

    -Covering Servicesprovide much needed back office support services to missionaries around the world.

    Your investment in The International Association For Creation

    We humbly ask you to prayerfully consider a gift of support. Your partnership with The International Association For Creation will help us change the culture by championing Christ! Together, we can reclaim the Biblical worldview in our local communities and around the globe; support our Creation Missionaries who teach sound doctrine and dependable science, and provide an invaluable resource for local families, churches, and schools!

    Currently, thanks to God’s grace, your faithful prayers, and generous giving, we have many Creation Missionaries across the United States who are assisting families in learning about the Biblical worldview as they are equipped to spread the truth of God's Word in their local communities. With your help, we can raise up Creation Missionaries in every church and school in the United States and beyond.

    How You Can Help!

    Join us in our mission to help bring a Creation Missionary to every church and school in America! Your donation of $19 per month will help provide training and support for a local Creation Missionary.

    You may also mail your gift to the following address:

    The International Association For Creation

    ATTN: Donor Relations Dept.
    P.O. Box 621507

    Oviedo, Fla. 32762

    *Please make cheques payable to 

    The International Association For Creation

    On behalf of Christian families everywhere, thank you for your support!

    If you should have any questions, please visit our Donor Relations FAQ Section, or call to talk with one of our Stewardship Specialists: 407-512-0638.

    The International Association For Creation is the leading professional association dedicated to providing the public with local Biblical worldview resources through museums and ministries around the world. We invite you to grow in sound doctrine and dependable science across our network of Biblical worldview learning centers.

    The International Association For Creation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Federal Tax ID #: 81-3896085. No goods or services were received in consideration of this gift. Your personal details collected herein will not be shared or sold to any third-party. For more details on our donor protection policy, please visit us at http://give.associationforcreation.org. Thank you!