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MISSION: MICHAEL.  Michael is 17 and lives in Texas.  He is battling osteosarcoma of his left femur.  He  has been having terrible skin reactions to his chemo.  We need to cheer him up and cheer him on for his upcoming Limb Salvage Surgery and birthday!  Our mission for Michael is to gather and send as many cards as we can to him in the week before his birthday, which is on Sept 20th.  We would like to get them all gathered by September 10th.  

If you who would like to send him a card or a Play Station Store Card, please mail them to MIB Agents directly.  You are also welcome to donate $5 and we will purchase a card and write your note to Michael for you and mail it out. 

Thank you for being a part of this mission (should you choose to accept it, of course :)). 

MIB Agents

PO Box 858

Barnard, VT  05031