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Fifteen year old Cameron has been battling osteosarcoma (bone cancer) since March 2016.  She was a volleyball player, until persistent pain in her arm stopped her.  The pain in her arm turned out to be osteosarcoma of her right humerus.  

Cameron has been treated at Oschner Children's Hospital in New Orleans. As protocol dictates, she had limb salvage surgery, but the cancer had already spread to her lungs. One of the lung tumors is next to her heart, making it inoperable.  

No new treatments have been developed for osteosarcoma in over 40 years.  Many times, by the time kids like Cameron can get to a clinical trial, their blood counts are too low and this very aggressive cancer has metastasized to the point of no return.  15 year old Cameron is terminal.

Cameron is able to walk, but tires easily.  She wants to spend a week in Savannah, GA with her best friend.  If you can help us to make that happen, please do.  If you cannot, please share so that others can know better and do better to help.