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Fourteen year old Cali has been battling osteosarcoma (bone cancer) since 2015, when it appeared in her left arm.  After an initial 10 weeks of checmotherapy, she had surgery to remove her shoulder joint and  and humerus with cadaver bone.   After healing from surgery, she continued her chemotherapy for another 20 weeks.

Shortly thereafter, she relapsed with tumors in her lungs.  She kept relapsing with cancer in her lungs, and had four bilateral lung surgeries.  Last month, pain in her knee revealed the bone cancer has moved to her leg, causing a fracture.  More surgery was done.  Cali has a high burden of osteosarcoma, and her medical team is not able to stay ahead of the disease - and osteosarcoma has had no new treatments in over 40 years.  14 year old Cali is terminal.

Cali is able to walk, but tires easily.  She wanted to spend time in Hawaii.  She would like a Hawaiian-Style beach party with good food, friends and legit kanakapila-style music.  

Funds will go toward, food, lei and some entertainment as well.  If you can help with any amount, please do.