Michael Kerr for Congress with Peace & Justice








 Human Rights!

 A Sustainable Environment for all Living Creatures! 

 We have only one Mother Earth!

I am a long time progressive activist. 

I won't be controlled by corporations and big money interests.

I will not accept Corporate/Big Money Donations!

 I will be outspoken in the interests of the people.


The Military/Industrial/Prison Complex threatens All Life!

Climate Catastrophe is an Emergency!   


Hi!   I’m Michael Kerr.   For over 45 years, I have been a progressive activist.   This is the second time I have run for office.   In 1985, I ran for Sunnyvale City Council to further the progressive issue of Rent Control in a community that was being ravaged by excessive rent increases.   I am now motivated to run for the 11th Congressional District to further the many progressive issues that are being ignored by my incumbent.

Big money and corporations control our mainstream media and most of our government officials.  Their interests are maximizing profits and not the interests of the average person.   I will be a bullhorn for alternative viewpoints that place the interests of the people first.  

My campaign will not focus on just winning an election which, admittedly, will be quite a longshot this time around!   No, my prime focus will be on using the election and my candidacy to speak out on the many progressive issues ignored by the corporate media and both the corporate controlled Republican and Democratic Parties.  

To that end, you can help give much more importance to my campaign and the promotion of these progressive issues, by helping encourage others you know to make at least a small donation in support.  How many individuals I have donating to my campaign is more important that the amount that is donated.  That is what differentiates a Grassroots People Supported candidate from a Deep State Corporate Sponsored candidate.  I have an initial goal of 1000 individual donors by end of February.  Thank you for your help!

Health willing, this campaign is just the beginning.  I intend to be an eternal Congressional candidate until such time as I am elected to Congress or another true outspoken progressive is elected.  To that end, I hope you will join and support me. With your faith in me, I promise to do my very best to promote  progressive issues and give my support to other progressive candidates for office.  Thank you for your generous donation!  


We have so little time to save Humanity and Mother Earth!  

  Michael Kerr for Congress with Peace & Justice

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Note: Any excess funds at end of campaign will be disbursed in accordance with FEC regulations.  Individual maximum total donations allowed to this campaign's election is $2800.  If I do not win election in CA Primary, I will strongly consider a conversion to multicandidate committee so I can continue to raise funds while advocating for other progressive candidates (and progressive issues) throughout the Presidential Election cycle.

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      Toby Blomé | $50

      Michael Kerr has been on the front lines of peace & justice movement for decades. He's hard working and committed to working for progressive change. I am very honored to support this courageous effort of his.

      Laura-Marie Taylor

      Thank you for working for peace. We need compassion more than ever, and true safety that's not about weapons.

      Robert Mulford | $50

      Wish you were my Congressman. Go Michael!

      Fred Bialy | $25

      I've known Mike for 10 years through working for peace and justice in the world. He has integrity. He is also tireless and dedicated. I support him wholeheartedly!

      Daniel Zwickel | $10

      Mike is the Real Deal, and I should know, my parents having met on a civil rights March in 1943. For walking the walk, Mike has no peer. His steadfast dedication to peace, social, environmental and economic justice is evidenced by the work he does daily to help create the kind of just and peaceful world my parents, Jean and Dr. Abe worked for all their lives. Watch for that organic, non-radioactive mushroom cloud forming over the Capitol building. Hear that gigaton boom of righetousness? Mike Kerr's in the House!

      Michael Kerr | $5

      For a better America and World