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Maternity Clinic Support in Ghana

The Asiri Community Health and Home Maternity Clinic was founded in 2013 by our co-founder, Jasmine Keefe, and the residents of Asiri. This rural clinic was the answer to a terrific need in the community. Up until the doors of the new maternity clinic opened, the elderly midwife in the village delivered all of the villagers’ babies on the dirt floor of her home without a formal medical education, supporting nurses or doctors, soap, medicine, gloves or a paper product in sight. Through an apprenticeship with her, Jasmine studied traditional midwifery and discovered a way to help mothers and infants in years to come - the creation of a safe, hygienic clinic. The Asiri Community Health and Home Maternity Clinic has continued to grow and now has a fulltime OB nurse with formal medical training. As this area is remote and impoverished however, the clinic is still seriously lacking in terms of specialized equipment and furnishing. This project aims to raise funds to address this need.

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