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Some EXCITING news for the doggies of Camp Cocker Rescue!   For the month of May 2017, every donation will be matched (capped at $10,00) by some generous supporters of Camp Cocker Rescue!     We just took in nine dogs all at once and as it turns out, there are some major medical bills that we are currently running up (and about to run up).

So far, we are looking at two ear ablation surgeries, a bilateral mastectomy, a cherry eye surgery, nine dentals (all have never seen a vet in their lives and need extractions) plus the usual spay surgeries and lab work on all nine dogs to get a baseline of where they all are health wise.  

Make your donations go twice as far during May to help this new group of doggies get a fresh start in life!

Thank you so very much for your support of our little rescue!