Massachusetts Radiation Limits for Tech!


As expert Dr. Paul Heroux has explained, to prevent rising cancer rates & other diseases (neurological, heart, etc.), we need to progressively clean our environment of wireless & other radiation, not augment with 5G. Many experts say the same, including former US NIEHS leaders. Many other countries already do more than us to limit non-ionizing radiation like wireless and electricity, with tech-advanced Israel, Cyprus, and France limiting school exposures to protect youth. 

In addition, wireless connectivity has a far greater energy footprint than wired connectivity or pen and paper. Yet reckless wireless and other non-ionizing radiation exposures continue for short-term economic interests.


However, because the Massachusetts legislature, among the least transparent in America, has failed to bring protective legislation to the floor for a vote, we need your help with an initiative petition to promote hard-wired connectivity and set legal limits on non-ionizing radiation exposures. 


An initiative petition allows Massachusetts voters to sign a petition in 2023 to put the proposed law on the ballot and, if approved by a majority of voters, become law in 2024 or, if the state legislature approves, sooner.

For the 2024 ballot, a signature drive can occur in the fall of 2023. Lobbying the legislature can occur before, during, and after.  


To be successful, we need to begin setting up now -- this takes a lot of time. Finances matter because we must cover many costs, such as signature collection, expertise, and publicity that counters industry interests.

Because we need to know we can gather 100,000 signatures, we ask from everyone a small donation of 6 dollars and that you get 10 more people to donate! This is helpful because the donation form is used to get optional volunteer interest, email signups, and contact info to coordinate signatures -- and we will need help lobbying legislators, too, with people power. 

Of course, if you can give more that is greeeeat, to help with outreach & insure success! FYI, please know we must by law report our finances and donor info (name, donations, employer) to the state and that this information is available to the public with the OCPF. 

If you cannot use the donation form, some information is available through these channels:

If you would like to and have special skills, you can also sign up here:  


The following has already been approved for content - we may include more if approved and if funds allow: 

  1. require tech design that makes turning off or limiting wireless easy; 
  2. require tech design that limits all kinds of incidental non-ionizing radiation;
  3. make information on wireless facilities (e.g. cell towers) readily accessible to the public;
  4. require the Massachusetts telecommunications department adopt technologies that best reduce non-ionizing radiation;
  5. make it much easier to sue and penalize wireless corporations for failing to protect us;
  6. establish a commission of first responders and others to examine how best to protect them, while maintaining needed services;
  7. exposure limits on wireless facility (e.g. cell towers ) to be as safe and minimal as possible for wireless service; and
  8. steps to hard-wire and limit exposures in certain public anchor institutions.

In 2022 our petition was approved for the above content, but was denied certification for including disease investigation. Investigating disease was considered outside the scope of limiting exposrues (see response here). To move forward in 2023, we will submit a version of the petition without the disease investigation component.




 Cyprus National Committee on Environment & Children's Health - National Campaign

- Dr. Paul Heroux Testimony:

- Schools & Countries Removing Wireless in Schools: 

- Swiss Limits Prevent 5G:

- SwissCom, a Swiss Telecommunications Provider, even Recommends Limits: 

- Scientists Appeal for Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits:

- 5G Appeal:

- 2020 Consensus Statement of UK Medical and Scientific Experts and International Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionizing Radiation:

- BabySafe Project:

- Austrian Medical Association and Physicians for a Healthy Environment Brochure:

- Cyprus National Committee on Environmental and Children's Health Video for Teenagers:

- Cyprus National Committee on Environmental and Children's Health Video for Pregnancy:

- Cyprus National Committee on Environmental Children's Health Video on Pediatric Intensive Care Wards: 

- 2008 WHO Russian Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee Warnings for Youth: and in Spanish:

- Collaborative for High Performing Schools Recommends Limiting Radiation: 

- Debra Davis, MD, & Theodora Scarato, MSW, on 5G & Ecological Impacts:

- Environmental Working Group on Neurological Effects:  


Investigate Europe video on Industry Funding of 'Expert' Groups

- Details from Investigate Europe: 

- Industry Denies Research that Exists:

- New Hampshire Report Recommends Wireless Limits:

- Spin vs. Fact: National Toxicology Program on Cancer Risk from Cellphone Radiation (Dr. Joel Moskowitz's fact sheet from       

- Pressure Mounts on JAMA to Retract Cancer Review (including from experts like former NIEHS director Dr. Linda Birnbaum):

- Industry Connections to ICNIRP & Other 'Expert' Bodies:

- Insurance Companies Refuse to Cover Non-Ionizing Radiation:




Resident & Young Daughter Heroically Fighting Cell Tower on Health Impacts

- Pittsfield Board of Health issues Cease and Desist Order to Verizon (but City Fails to Pay Legal Fees Needed):

Residents sue Pittsfield Mayor & Verizon: 

- Local Editorial Chiding Pittsfield:

- Andrew Campanelli, Esq. Testimony on Setbacks & Zoning:

- Pittsfield Educational Forum:


Please listen compassionately!

The mother identified the daughter's illness as related to a school router and

sent her to a Waldorf school - but they can't find options for high school. 

The daughter's testimony beings at 0:45

The mother's testimony begins at 2:09

- Child Wins Accommodations:

- Student gets Daily Rash from School Router:

- Kids are Sick from WiFi:

- Students Speak out on WiFi:

- Child with Heart Problems near WiFi Routers:

- Research linking Radiation to Heart Changes:

- Slides at c. 14:03 of Heart Changes:

- Cell Towers near Schools Increase Radiation 3- 1/2 Times:

- TechSafe Schools Program:

- Further Research: 

The Case for TechSafe Schools (Problem Overview)



- Piedmont, CA, Tween who had Brain Cancer Worries over Small Cell near Home:

- Moira Loses her Home to AT&T (CA):  

Child and Family Impacted by Small Cell Antenna:

- Long Island Neighborhood Angry as Small Cells Suddenly Appear (ABC NY):  

Long Island Neighborhood Sues against Small Cells (CBS NY): 

- NATE, Communications Infrastructure Contractor Association on Small Cells:   

- 44 Applications in Medford, MA, in 2020: 

- No Notice in Till 1 Week Before Planned Approval of 16 55-ft. Towers:

- Small Cell Expansion to 9 feet above Utility Pole:  

- Small Cells increase Radiation 7 to 46 Times: 




- After 4 Students & 3 Teachers have Cancer, Cell Tower Removed at Elementary: 

- Atrial Fibrillation & Electromagnetic Sensitivity Arises after Cell Tower Exposure:


Brain Cancer Survivor (Glioblastoma) Testifies:   

Schwannoma cancer in young man where he held cellphones:

Breast cancer in location where held against body in young woman at low risk:

15-year-old Athlete Justis James (Brain Tumor) and his Dog (Cancer) Die:


- 5G:

- Stop 5G on Earth and in Space:


Please be compassionate and understand how this demonstrates a societal need to reduce exposures!

- UK Nurse Receives Disability for Sensitivity:

- Massachusetts Piti Theatre 'Canary in a Gold Mine'

- Searching for a Golden Cage:

- Women in a Faraday Cage: 

- Utility Refunds 'Smart' Meter Fees to Sensitive Customer: 

- Slideshare on Sensitivity:

- Aussie Suffers from Sensitivity & Gets Workman's Compensation: 


- Filters can Reduce Radiation Generated by Electricity:


Please note text is better than downloading or streaming videos, which uses far more energy. 

- How to Wire Your Office:

- 15-Steps to Reduce Exposures:

- Reduce Exposures:

- Jeromy Johnson on Non-Ionizing Radiation Measurements:

- Cyprus Flyer:

- Music (Jalalo):

- Music (Piti Theatre):

- Music (We Don't Want Cell Towers in our Yards): 

- Scroll to the Section to 'Limit Radiation' for Additional Resources: 

- Social Media: We don't staff any social media accounts, contact us if you'd like to help us do so.   


'RadLimits at Last Tree Laws' is a state-wide ballot question committee, formed as required to submit all finance information to the state as well as donor information to comply with state and federal laws. is the home base for the campaign. 


Although 4 versions are downloadable, please note the proposals are imperfect and still need some editing.    

1. Require technology companies, including ISPs and product manufacturers, limit radiation from products and equipment: 

- except for mobile communication devices, require that wireless functionality be an optional, opt-in service; 

except for mobile communication devices, require that factory default mode be wired connectivity; 

- include a soft key to halt all wireless transmissions on all wireless-capable equipment;

- for mobile communications, include a soft key to only receive without transmissions (like a pager); 

- protect power quality, including compliance with electrical code IEEE 519; 

- insure digital connectors prevent leakage; 

- require product and software that reduces the density of or amount of non-ionizing radiation; 

- require radiation emitted is as safe as reasonably achievable based on current, independent science and capabilities; 

- limit all non-ionizing radiation for safety as reasonably achievable;

- provide that the attorney general may prosecute violations without limiting other legal actions.

2. Establish a division of non-ionizing radiation monitoring to: 

- map wireless facility locations, exposures, etc., for the public (which are presently difficult to identify)

- share legal ownership of cell towers with the public (allowing & fostering legal action)

- monitor wireless radiation state wide, providing for an independent engineer in each county (allowing legal action where limits are exceeded)

- identify abandoned antennas and towers for removal; and

- track quality of telecommunications access. 

3.  Expand the state's disease cluster investigations and disease tracking to include: [MUST BE REMOVED IF A PETITION INITIATIVE]

- evaluation of non-ionizing radiation as a potential cause; 

- long-term tracking of diseases associated with non-ionizing radiation: developmental disability, dementia, and inability to conceive. 

4. Set state-wide requirements on all cell towers (aka wireless facilities), including: 

- cell tower pollution insurance that covers health and environmental harm; 

- extend pollution liability protection to municipalities; 

- provide information on how to quickly and safely turn off cell tower signals, including to country engineers; 

- limit construction in state forests; 

- prohibit new construction on public education campuses; 

- require removal or other penalties, such as daily fines, in event of violations; 

- potentially a supportive legislator could offer amendments to add additional protections.

5. Stipulate that the telecommunications department select media and technologies that best reduce non-ionizing radiation exposures. 

6. Set up a commission of first responders and others to examine how best to reduce first responder exposures while still providing needed services.

- in version P, R,  and shortened title version 

- NOT in version H

7. Personal wireless services, carriers, and wireless facilities must universally limit non-ionizing radiation to the minimum required for operation of services with transmissions based on ASARA, as safe as reasonably achievable. This shall be enforced by the attorney general, but shall not limit other legal action.

- in version H and version R 

- NOT in version P and the shortened title version

8. The state shall limit non-ionizing radiation in anchor institutions where under the jurisdiction of the state or its' municipalities, assembling a small support team. Anchor institutions mean schools, higher education institutions, government entities, public safety entities, medical centers, libraries, and public housing. All relevant authorities shall [In the shortened title version only] :

- provide guidance and training on how to reduce exposures;

- set quality control requirements for a graduated program to reduce and monitor exposures, while allowing continued access to mobile communications and broadband where needed

- begin migration to wired services;

- label hotspots; 

- prefer in bidding, processes, and products that which minimizes non-ionizing radiation.

Versions of Proposed Petition

While downloadable, note there are still some small errors that need correcting in the proposals: 

22-06 Initiative Petition for a Law Relative to Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits for Technology and Wireless Facilities (Version H)

22-07 Initiative Petition for a Law Relative to Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits for Technology and Wireless Facilities (Version P)

22-08 Initiative Petition for a Law Relative to Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits for Technology and Wireless Facilities (Version R) 
22-09 Initiative Petition for a Law Relative to Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits 

Note: Several recommendations on devices were from those recommended by the New Hampshire Commission that investigated the impacts of wireless on health. 

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