MARY - was raped by the neighbor






Due to the incredible response raising the $1,500 within 30 minutes, we have decided to keep Mary's campaign open and ongoing. All funds will be given directly to Mary's mother for medical, pyschological, rehabilitation expenses as well as school fees, food and sanitary items for Mary. We can and will change her life with your donations, but most importantly is the immediate care and support Mary needs after her incomprehensible rape. 

Seven year-old Mary from West Kenya, was sexually abused and raped by the paedophile neighbor when her mother went to fetch water for her three children at the local water hole. 

Project Rescue Children is working with local Kenyan village police to apprehend the child rapist. 

Project Rescue Children is also taking care of Mary, including helping her with medical costs associated to her abuse and rape. Mary will join our child trafficking and exploitation village program to help her with support and rehabilitation. 

Mary’s mother is living in a small tin shed with Mary and her two small brothers and has no money. 

We need your help to raise $1500 dollars to help support Mary’s medical fees and to help her family with necessary assistance with food and water, enough to assist them in the short term while they go through this extremely difficult time. 

Mary waiting outside the village police station with PRC volunteers. 

These cases also take their toll on our volunteers. 

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    Donor Wall43

    Rayanne Sanoussi | A$52.38

    Thankyou PRC for all you do for our children. May Mary grow up to heal & live a truely beautiful safe life ❤️


    I'm sorry it can't be more money Mary. But I know a little can go a long way, especially when multiple people pull together. You are strong and loved by many. Your healing process has begun and you are safe in the right place. I am sending so much love and support to you and your family. You can and will overcome the trauma you have all experienced and I look forward to seeing your updates through Adam. God Bless, all my Love, Clara 🤍❤💙

    Withlove Fromnelly | A$53.90


    I hope this goes a little way to helping Mary recover. Sending her so much love and strength ♥️ I have a 7 yr old daughter and this absolutely breaks my heart.


    Thank you so much Adam and the PRC and support team. Sending you so much love, strength + support right now Mary and family. We are holding you in our thoughts. xx


    Looking to a positive change to your life.

    Bianca | A$21.20

    My 7 year old daughter is sleeping next to me and the very thought of what Mary has/will endure absolutely tears my heart out. Praying for you beautiful girl and your family 💛 wish I could donate more

    Louisa Callaghan | A$21.20

    I wish you all the love in the world Mary I’m so sorry you had to Go through this ❤️😢

    Rachel Harris | A$52.36

    Such great work you are doing Adam. We need more people like you looking after all of these beautiful innocent children. Thank you for your effort.


    I Thank god for you guys (Adam & PRC) & that awareness can be raised to the world about these poor children (& families) who need help. Thank you all for your hard work, it must be the toughest job to do, but please keep fighting for them 🙏🏽 Sending strength and love to Mary & her family ❤️

    Natalie Munajat | £12

    God bless you Mary. I hope you have a better life from this day forward. Sending you healing ❤️‍🩹

    Stacey Mcgilchrist | £21.02

    Rumen | A$21.21

    Mary, love wins it all. PRC you guys are amazing, going around the world doing miracles for these poor little angels


    Praying for you sweet sweet girl. Jesus and his angels are by your side . We love you Mary!

    Corrine | A$21.21

    Thank you PRC for everything you do. Mary we are sending you love, strength and kindness 💜

    Shannon | A$52.37

    Nikki | A$20

    Laura Doonin | A$104.29

    Please keep doing what you are doing. Prayers are with this little girl and her family.

    Georgia Robertson | A$21.21

    sending you all the love and strength in the world, beautiful Mary


    Please continue the work you do. Don’t ever give up on these children

    Fiona | A$10.83

    Andrew | A$26.41

    Thank you PRC

    Tania | A$30

    Michaela | A$10.83

    Hollie | A$20

    Thinking of you and your family, thank you PRC for the work that you do.

    Carly | A$10.83

    Sending you all the love and healing darling girl.

    Tiana | A$20.05

    Sending healing prayers and strength to Mary. God be with you and your family sweet girl.

    Kim McGregor | NZ$12.95

    Amazing work, thank you for doing what you do for these children ❤️

    Heidi | A$10.83

    Emma J | A$30

    Sending our love and strength to Mary x