Marking Time: A History of Drum & Bugle Corps in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Since drum & bugle corps ended in Cedar Rapids years ago, its history has been held in the hands of individuals who happened to save documents, medals, photos, and uniform parts. As this generation departs, that knowledge will disappear. By preserving the stories of the people who contributed to drum & bugle corps, we continue the tradition of instilling pride in our community through this unique activity. Just as when a building is demolished, that history is forever gone, it's vital to capture the stories of these people before their stories are forever lost.

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        Donor Wall19

        Mike Piskel | $52.07

        For all my corps brothers and sisters, it was fun growing up with you.

        Cassie Isaac | $103.83

        Jodie Palmer | $100

        To my dad, Darvin Jemming, for all his support, hard work and dedication to the Emerald Knights and his kiddos. E.K. Drum Corps was huge in our household for Kathy, James, Teresa, Jodie, little Jennifer (cadet) and baby Jonny in the stands. Thank you for all the cherished memories it gave my siblings and I.

        BARRY CARTER | $103.83

        I was a member of the CR Cadets (B Corps) and a charter member of the Emerald Knights. Thanks to my parents (Angelo and LaVonne) and all of the parents who worked so hard to get the Knights off the ground.

        Peter Sherman | $100

        In fond memories and support of my parents Jerome & Barbara Sherman who always put music in our hearts

        Jason Maiers | $103.83

        Thank you!

        STEVE MATUS | $100

        As a charter member of the Emerald Knights, I donate this in memory of my dad Bill Matus, (1st director and founding father of the E.K.), mom Alice Matus (corps mom), my brother and many aunts, uncles, and cousins who marched in Cedar Rapids Drum & Bugle Corps over the years.

        Scott Dickinson

        Great memories! The Dickinsons

        Owen Raun | $52.07

        Greg Young

        Love this project!

        David Dean | $52.07


        In memory of Jackie Oster, Drum Corps Mom

        David J. Huntley | $414.39

        1977 dues paid in full.

        Jeffrey Carstensen | $103.83

        Margaret Wolter | $52.07

        Michele Goad (Barkdoll)

        Some of my fondest memories and favorite people come from my summers in drum corps.

        David Leatherman | $103.83

        Drum Corps: For those who understand, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, no explanation is possible.

        Rebecca Thomsen

        I was one of the first girls to be allowed in the Emerald Knights Drum and Bugle Corps. I have a lot of fond memories from that time.


        In the memory of Bob and Bonni Wyatt