Report on the Biden Laptop

Every law enforcement agency at the federal level in the United States is captured. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after much prodding, took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop—which was abandoned at a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop—in December 2019. FBI Special Agents Michael Dzielak and Joshua Wilson, the latter being a child pornography investigator, took more than two months to respond to the shop owner. When the agents finally did take possession of the laptop, the subpoena was under the pretense of investigating money laundering. Every major news outlet and think tank in America—on the left and right—is too cowardly to comprehensively investigate the numerous felonies on the laptop. And then, to top it off, the social media oligopoly censors the truth.

We the people formed a Union to establish Justice. The Biden regime is simply not interested in that; instead, it protects a corrupt and nepotistic bipartisan establishment. Marco Polo, led by a Trump White House official, is a new nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail to drive an American renaissance. They possess a copy of Hunter's laptop. They are writing a comprehensive report—comparable in length to the Mueller report—on real foreign collusion with the Chinese (and others) for 1% of the cost. With the August portion of the budget (see here) completed, Marco Polo has been cancelled by 4 different payment tools. If you can support their new nonprofit, please consider doing so. God bless you.   

Announcement Video:

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Mardi Davis | $26.27

Thank you for all you are doing and for your courage, time and patriotism. God bless you

Tiffany | $26.27

You guys are fearless American warriors! Thank you for your diligence and the impeccable work you produce. Top notch, grade, you all are AMAZING! Keep up the fight. We love and support you!

Melissa Gurnea | $104.15

Your time, passion, tenacity and wrath are heroic & necessary. THANK YOU!!


Thank you for this massive effort and results!

Melissa Rubio | $100

Keep up the great work. Let's break these sonofabitches.

Kaui LoveMaui | $104.15


Peggy Holland | $15.89

Great work.

Jeanene | $52.23

Thank you so much for you Garrett for you and your team. You are amazing and I thank you!!

Andrew Hedger | $156.07

Thank you Garrett and the entire Marco Polo Team for your efforts. Thank you for doing what no one else has the testicular fortitude to do. Expose it all in such detail that no one can deny it. I know you will. Luke 12: 2-3

Anonymous | $53.17



Garrett and team, thank you for all you are doing to expose the TRUTH. Praying for our Freedom and the Patriots everyday.🇺🇸

Rochelle | $519.52

Thank you!

Anonymous | $104.15

You are doing a great work for our country! God bless you, your team, and your precious family!

Susan | $52.23

Patriots are indebted to you Garrett. God bless and protect you, your family and your team!

Pitkus | $259.92

Keep it up GZ !


Thank you from my heart, Garrett. You give me hope for the future of our country. May God richly bless and always protect you and your family.

Dean Parsons | $104.15

GZ = Squared jaw bulldog’ish tenacity combined with a sick humor…a shit or get off the pot kinda guy. We’d get along just fine!

Lindsey Turney | $50

Thanks for your hard work Garrett. You’re a true patriot and hero!

Anonymous | $26.27

Great work! I have been following you on Telegram and your wonderful work since the election fraud. Thank you!


As a wise man once told me..It's cheap insurance! I have followed you on telegram and am impressed! You're one of a kind.Thank You!

Jason Krosecz

Thank you, Garrett and entire Marco Polo team!! We are VERY fortunate to have patriots like you sacrificing and fighting to expose the evil scum that runs our lives. Please keep your heavy foot on the gas! The truth shall set us free


Thank you!!! You guys are doing something no one else will do and Garrett, you are one of the few we have grown to trust enough believe the finished product.


God bless you! I’ve followed you on Telegram from the start. Thank you Marco Polo team for your great work!


Many thanks to the Marco Polo team. It is a huge reward to have access to your work. It is the only research team of its kind and pray for the safety of this very important group! Thank you 🙏🏻


The Biden family is utterly disgusting and are criminals. Please expose this at every level and thank you for your tireless efforts and work!

Kevin McDonnell | $52.23

God bless you and all your work. Light disinfects. Light exposes. And light makes darkness run in fear. Let’s get rid of this evil that has plagued Americans. And let’s return to the original Constitution and Common Law. It’s time to exterminate the khazarian mafia.


Thank you for this most important effort. I assure you, it was not done in vain !

Robert & Marcia | $26.27

God-speed on this project, time is precious

Melissa | $52.23

Expose them ALL. WWG1WGA!

Fred Neal | $17/M