Report on the Biden Laptop

Every law enforcement agency at the federal level in the United States is captured. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), after much prodding, took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop—which was abandoned at a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop—in December 2019. FBI Special Agents Michael Dzielak and Joshua Wilson, the latter being a child pornography investigator, took more than two months to respond to the shop owner. When the agents finally did take possession of the laptop, the subpoena was under the pretense of investigating money laundering. Nearly every news outlet and think tank in America is too cowardly to comprehensively investigate the numerous felonies on the laptop. And then, to top it off, the social media oligopoly censors the truth.

We the people formed a Union to establish Justice. The Biden regime is simply not interested in that; instead, it protects a corrupt and nepotistic bipartisan establishment. Marco Polo, led by a Trump White House official, is a new nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail to drive an American renaissance. They possess a copy of Hunter's laptop. They are writing a comprehensive report—comparable in length to the Mueller report—on real foreign collusion with the Chinese (and others) for 1% of the cost. If you can support their nonprofit's budget, please consider doing so.

Announcement Video:

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Donor Wall179


Thanks for all your hard work Garrett and team! Keep exposing the truth.

Gloria Bryan | $104.15

I appreciate all the hard work this team of Patriots is doing for our Country

Angel | $200

Keep fighting for this country! You are a true patriot

D'Ann | $104.15

I pray your courage and honesty inspires many-with much admiration and gratitude.

Laurie K. | $52.23

Just wanted to thank you, Garrett. You are making a difference.


God bless, protect and continue to enable you to research and expose corruption. Thank you

Anonymous | $26.27

Make a account and i will fund it so you can post whatever you need to there, enough to get you started with an audience. Coinbase is getting sued to oblivion and if you have assets there i would take them out. Not your keys, not your coin.

Mark | $52.23

May the ✝️LORD use you to bring truth and light in these dark and troubled times to the end that justice ⚖️ may be done.

TIM STADLER | $104.15

Bravo, thankyou so much for what you are doing

New world Technologies, Inc. | $104.15

Appreciate the work and especially your sacrifice in getting this exposure out to the American people. We need to root out these bad actors and finally take back this country. Joseph B.

Paul | $259.92

..shining light onto the dark underbelly of the demonic left…exposing all the swamp creatures suckling on the tit of the devil! God bless you sir and your beautiful family 🇺🇸


In the end, God always wins but we have to suffer so we never get lazy, get comfortable, get weak again and give them the opportunity to steal the greatest Country in the world from us.

Janet | $7.58/M

I Will Spread This as Far and Wide as possible. Courage of Patriots -

Pitkus | $117.17

Todays tip for a video request . Thank you ! God is Good

Catherine | $26.27/M

Never stop what you are doing. America needs more people like you and the people in your team. Teach the children the bible, it will help a lot, maybe teach the teachers the bible also, right?

Lorena Bernardi | $250


Vicki Smith | $104.15

Thank you so much for exposing all of this corruption. Also, thank you for answering my questions in the chat.

Mr G | $52.23

Katie | $52.23

Thank you, Garrett and team at MP, for your relentless pursuit of the truth and bringing it to the world in an easy to read/understand way.


Bobbie | $26.27

Anonymous | $104.15

Thank you Garrett for all you and your team are doing. Keep up the great work. Carpe diem!

Andy Kuhl | $100

Garrett, you and your team are doing God’s work. I applaud all of you. I am at the ready running for local Sheriff to make the arrests. Thank you again. It is time.

Eric | $104.15

Keep the light on the darkness!

Linley | $100


Thank you for having the courage to compile this. Your fight for justice is inspiring. You are a true patriot! Praying for your protection.

Anonymous | $45

Ephesians 6:10-18

Maggie | $100

Prayers of protection, prosperity and favor over you.

Carol | $10/M

God bless you and the work you do. So many cannot fathom the evil of the political elite and their push to destroy our nation. You are a hero and you are in my prayers.

Mischelynn Scarlatelli | $104.15

Thank you Garrett, this country needs heroes that tell the truth! ♥️💪🏼🇺🇸