March For US 2020! 1-Million-Man-March (CHICAGO,IL)






This 1-Million-Man-March, held on Juneteenth (June 19th) in Chicago, IL.... is FOR US! 

March For US 2020 was formulated to be a voice of change for civil unrest, systematic racism, and police brutality.  It is being organized by a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals, who agree that we must act together to solve the pressing and consistent crisis.  

Donations will strictly go towards this cause. Bringing 1-Million people together in the name of justice is a cause worth joining. There is no contribution too small.  

Share This Page & This Cause! Injustice Anywhere Is Injustice Everywhere!

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      Donor Wall46

      Kivvit | $519.52

      The Bass Group Inc

      Thank you Ashley,

      Inspirational Teess

      Black Lives Matter!!!

      Shanell | $52.23

      Mona Syed

      Michael & Kisha Cephus | $104.15

      May God Bless You Every Step of the Way!


      Black Lives Matter!!! Thank YOU for hosting this.

      Chrissy | $52.23

      Ashley, I absolutely love what your doing in the community. Please continue to educate and make an impact. Wish I could be there with you guys. From the 2nd DTown, Dallas ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾


      Wish I could be there to support you!

      Tyrone | $31.46


      Megan Nuggehalli | $52.23

      I can’t be there because of work but I am in full support of this movement! Keep fighting for change! ✊🏾

      Delanious Rowan | $21.08


      I wish you all safety, love, support, and most of all JUSTICE as you march!

      Candy West Enterprise | $52.23


      From a conservative that believes career politicians that perpetuate identity politics, misappropriate funds at the state and local level, provide empty gestures, and care more about “politics” than legislation is the leading factor of racism, divide, and violence in this country only to keep themselves in office. If you can start fires without anyone knowing and also be the arbiter of the solutions, why wouldn’t you have a career as a fireman? And if you can use that fuel to make a fire station [nation] with you at the helm, why also would you not do that? State and local funds are distributed based on votes at the ballot box at the local level, and we are in a state of perpetual ignorance through thought-speech, where everyone in their respective communities “think the same” or “on the same page” when it comes to voting, which leads to lack of voting. We do not have enough voices participating at the state and especially local levels, where these career politicians can then misappropriate funds, inherently causing more stir and pointing fingers, only to then get MORE money for the chaos they started by acting like ‘social justice warriors’, and then continuing the cycle of empty gestures and pumping more money into things that *are not seemingly harmful to the community*. Aka overwhelming police, lack of funding for our schools, lack of representation based on community, etc., though they hypocritically act like they are providing solutions. The fight for justice and equality for the black community starts at the top with the narcissists that lives compartmentalizing everyone but themselves. I hope this little money I can spare this week helps your event and you make your donation goal! I’d be there to march if I could.

      Jamall & Lindsey Brimage | $156.07

      Noel Price


      I'm unable to march, but I believe in this cause and I applaud everyone who will be out there tomorrow. I will be there in spirit. Take care, stay safe, and continue to fight!

      Young Democrats of Illinois | $104.15

      We'll see you out there!

      Torrie Thornton | $100

      I’m unable to march but I am happy to support this movement. Keep doing the work!! It is making a difference!!


      While I am unable to march with you, I am there in spirit and solidarity and am proud to support this work.

      Perle Candles | $26.27

      Perle Candles is proud to support March For US 2020!

      Fare | $50

      Fight the Power ✊🏿

      Timothy Kincaide | $52.23

      United we stand! By the Grace of God, We will Win!! #ClaimingVictory

      Marcus | $52.23

      Black Lives Matter!!

      Courtney Prevost | $104.15

      Frenda | $259.92

      A’SalonBizz | $104.15