Los Santos Muertos


  • Welcome to Los Santos Muertos

Los Santos Muertos is a free, community developed, custom multiplayer server for Grand Theft Auto V. Inspired by games such as DayZ, State of Decay, and World War Z. Los Santos Muertos is an attempt to transform Grand Theft Auto V into an open world apocalyptic wasteland. We want to create a unique multiplayer experience, with a focus on deep survival, complex quest mechanics, and immersive storytelling that pushes the limits of FiveM. With your help, we can build Los Santos Muertos into the game of our dreams.

  • Your Help

By supporting Los Santos Muertos, you are helping cover server hosting expenses. With the money donated here, our community can continue to host servers for the game. With more donations, our community can host additional servers in multiple regions. Additionally, all donating members are granted access to our closed beta server.

  • The Future

As long as our servers are funded, we plan on continuing development for Los Santos Muertos indefinitely. If you are interested in helping to keep this incredible modification alive, consider making a donation. The more support we receive, the more servers we can host, allowing more players to play Los Santos Muertos.

Thank you so much for your donations, and thank you for keeping our vision alive.

Best regards,

Drakeling Labs.⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Donor Wall44

Jode Pires | $5.50/M

Dave | $5.50/M

glad to be back!

FamTime Gaming | $52.23/M

Kaptive Gaming | $50/M

Glad to support such a hard working team, good job guys!

Taishon | $21.08/M

Dan GwaTeeT

Jordan Colby | $21.08/M

ector riggs

Been playing since March, great server! Ekter Riggs

Anonymous | $21.08/M

Nice server have fun.

Frosted Brain | $5/M

Fun server

Dylan | $5.50/M

branden | $5.50/M

good stuff


Hail Blue | $5.50/M

Keep up the good work guys <3

Chris | $21.08/M

I'll donate more in the future, but for now this looks like a cool deal.

Dave Fraser | $104.15/M

ZOMB KEEZY | $21.08/M


Dave Fraser | $104.15/M

keith | $20/M

Keep up the amazing mod work i love the work all of you do for the community


Big potentials!

Joshua | $5.50/M

Klyat sent me

Steve | $5/M

Dustin Denham | $21.08/M

Cheeki Breeki, Klyat Sent Me


Let's hope it grows!

Daniel Emmett | $21.08/M

Nice server ;)

Dave | $21.08/M

Love the mod hope to see u there

Dave | $21.08/M

Brian Takeda | $5.50/M

Klyat sent me

Jacob Hawking | $5/M

Josh | $5.50/M