Living with XXY

Our Mission:

The purpose of Living with XXY is to inspire people and families living with Klinefelter syndrome (47 XXY). With a focus on the positive traits and successes of individuals across the spectrum, we will work to build a community through awareness, education, and support.


We believe when you focus on the strengths and abilities of a person living with XXY, you enable people to succeed. We will do this through:

  • Providing a mentorship platform through which younger generations can learn from the experiences of others;
  • Working with schools systems to put a face to theories in textbooks;
  • Partnering with therapists, counselors and other professionals to provide resources and support which promote life/social skills;
  • Collaboration with medical professionals and researchers to explore shared positive traits; 
  • Helping to erase the stigmas associated with Klinefelter syndrome, so people are able to openly talk about their experience; and
  • Fostering positive interactions within our community to help people realize they are not alone.
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        Updosbylisa | $50

        A few months ago I took an NIPT test that came up high risk for XXY... I finally took an amnio a few days ago and turns out I had a false positive. During the time I thought my baby had xxy, this group was my Saving grace. The second I read baby jacks story I knew I would be okay and able to raise a baby with xxy. I was terrified when I first found out and this group truly made me feel comfortable about the situation I was in. If it wasn’t for this group I found I don’t think I would have been as confident. Although my baby doesn’t have xxy I will forever have a special place in my heart for Klinefelters syndrome and will always in a weird way feel connected to it 💙 I will continue to help spread awareness & KS donations, xxy living is not something to fear and you all prove that everyday, thankyou !

        Trishele | $52.23/M


        Rebekah | $26.27

        Denise Thiessen


        Tim Thiessen | $100

        Sabrina | $30.43

        Anonymous | $52.23

        For my XXY son who said this about Living with XXY- “I finally feel understood.”

        Jillian | $107.14

        I am so thankful for people like you Ryan. when we decide to tell our 5 y/o son about his xxy I am so grateful that he has you to put a face with the diagnosis. Loving with xxy!

        Holly Hollingsworth | $28

        14 for Ryan 14 for my John John Happy Valentines Day!!!

        Matt | $28

        $28 (2 X $14) to our favorite XXY Guys, Ryan & Jack on Valentine’s Day

        Nate Chambers | $25

        Keep Going Ryan! You can do it.

        Kat Pacheco | $14.85

        Thank you for all you do, Ryan! Happy Valentines Day! Kat & fam

        Antognoli Group | $250

        Andrew Antognoli

        Greg Antognoli | $250

        Pat Rossley | $26.27

        Happy Birthday Sandy!🎉

        Rainie | $14.85

        Auntie Rainie and Uncle G love you so much Jack Jack!!!

        Denise Thiessen

        Thank you for getting the message out there and raising awareness.

        Matt | $47

        We are donating $47 for 47XXY as part of the (LOVE)ing with XXY Campaign to show love & honor to Jack’s grandparents & great-grandparents who are his guardian angels and biggest supporters.

        M & M | $519.52

        Ryan, thanks for putting talk into action.

        Susanne Schlicht | $114.54

        Awesome job Ryan!!

        Janell Nash | $104.15

        I’m so very proud of you, Ryan! You are making such a positive difference in the lives of so many! Wishing you continued success, health, and happiness! Love, Aunt Janell

        Amy Heit | $104.15

        Aurora Arayata | $100

        Stefan | $104.15

        All the best and continued success!!

        Kim | $25

        I’m adding my donation for giving Tuesday to help you all celebrate your first year! Keep changing the world for our boys/men and their family’s!!!

        Frank Morle

        Grandparents of Jack Jovellanos

        Jaime Greene

        Thank you Ryan for investing in our son and us. We would feel so lost without you as a resource. Thank you to Kelsey for inspiring our son to stay fit. He had his best 5k time this past Thursday! We believe in the mission of the organization. With awareness lives will be changed and made better. We truly love you both!