Lisa For Arvada!

Welcome! My name is Lisa Smith and I am running for Arvada City Council!

I am committed to working hard to promote a healthy, safe and vibrant community, through smart policy, where we ALL can thrive! 

I have spent my life serving others, through my military service, as a social worker, advocacy and volunteerism. I have the passion, skills, and strengths to create and improve practical policies towards equitable economic upward mobility. 

Arvada is my home and I believe in our community. I will use my skills, experience, and strengths to elevate the people and community towards an equitable and economically secure life. My biggest strength is bringing people together and activating towards a common goal. I hope to use these skills along with my experience to promote the betterment of all Arvadans.

I need your support to be your next representative. Please donate today and let's work together to elevate Arvada! 

Thank you for believing in me.

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      Donor Wall84

      Jessica Schlueter

      Dar-Lon Chang | $21.08

      Thank you for helping my neighborhood stop an Amazon warehouse from being built a few blocks from us. Arvada residents should not have to gather more than 9,000 petition signatures and raise $25,000 in donations for legal services to get City Council to hear us!

      Harriett | $31.46

      Vote for Lisa Smith!

      Deb Kauffman | $120

      Christopher Dunbar

      Way to go Lisa!!


      Thank you for your inclusive approach and commitment to our community!!

      Mary Wylie | $52.23

      Judith Denham | $31.46

      Lee | $124.92

      I met Lisa campaigning at the Arvada Farmer’s Market and in a 5 minute conversation was taken aback by her personality, as well as her passion and insight for issues in her community and those on a broader scale. While I am not a voter in her district, it was made clear to me that she needs to be part of the political scene on a local level and perhaps someday on a state or national level. Good luck Lisa and do great things!

      Ben Fassett | $124.92

      Michael Dunford | $104.15

      All the best - Arvada will be lucky to have you!

      Nikki Kirsch

      Go get 'em!

      Keith Baker | $104.15

      Jerry DiTullio | $52.23

      Monica Duran | $104.15

      Nicole Green | $62.62


      Good luck Lisa! I really admire your drive and passion and I know you will be a great representative and advocate for the people of Arvada.

      Susan Wass | $200

      Good Luck Lisa!! All of us at Five Parks are rooting for you!

      Asim H | $124.92

      Good luck Lisa!

      Chad Cline | $62.62

      Keep doing you, nothing short of greatness. Looking forward to see how far you go.

      Lisa | $400

      Jennifer Jaskolka | $60

      Jennifer Jaskolka | $60

      Suzanne | $100

      Lesley Dahlkemper | $104.15

      Bridget Mitchell | $124.92


      Couldn't think of a better candidate! Lisa's personable, insightful and driven, with lots of valuable community-oriented experience! Here's to doing great things for Arvada and for making Willie Chanco proud!

      Tom Coogan | $259.92

      As both and Arvada homeowner and as a veteran, I want Lisa to be elected to serve our city

      Jessica Schlueter | $31.46

      Rooting for you so hard! Thanks for setting a great example for women working in politics and government.


      Excited to see you apply your gifts in continued service to your community! Good luck in the campaign.