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      Assist Battered Women & Children with Homes

      The Lifehouse Project strives to shine a spotlight on the strength of individual survivors and the collective culture by using humanizing, unflinching experiences and actions of initiatives.

      Lifehouse Project was birthed through the suffering and trauma of one woman's life. Betrayed. Beaten. Starved. Molested. Raped. Kidnapped. And held physically and financially hostage. All parts of the terrifying cycle of domestic violence. Samantha Foster began this venture in hopes of ending violence and abuse against women and children. We are united as one worldwide force to create change – we are now known as the Lifehouse Project Movement. #lifehouseproject

      When it comes to domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking, the average person covers their eyes and ignores the red flags violently waving in their direction. The conversation is usually whispered or simply given lip service in communities and countries around the world. Survivors face shaming, ostracization, and violence until they become complacent and silent. They live in fear every day. Society has shut them down and shut them out. 

      Open your eyes and see us. We sit next to you on the planes, make small talk on the bus, and eat lunch with you every day. We are standing next to you in the grocery aisle, bank line, and elevators. We work in cubicles, teach your children, and serve you at restaurants.

      Everywhere you look, we are there. We will no longer stand in the shadows; we are coming out into the sunlight to grow and heal. You will hear our voices sing the cries of suffering. We will no longer be ignored and shamed but will stand in front of you in our torturous glory.

      Lifehouse will be launching our first homes in South Florida for victims of violent homes and human trafficking – specifically with women and children. We need capital and resources to launch our services and build an online presence. Women are already reaching out to us from all over the country for help and assistance. We can no longer waste precious time to reach everyone who is suffering right now. They need our help!

      We need others to join this cause and movement. It’s important to know when you are helping us, you are saving lives and preventing abuse. Your donations help rescue vulnerable people from horrid, deadly situations, something not everyone survives. 

      There are few things more powerful which you can do with your time or resources than to save a child from a lifetime of abuse. I push through my pain to provide the love and direction I merely dreamed of.

      So, what I need you to do is think big. I need you to think about your connections. About the people you know. We need you to give generously. We need access to resources. I’m asking for help for that three-year-old child living in a personal Hell few will ever know. They are waiting for their demon slayer. Help me rescue them.