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All LGBTQ+ children and young people deserve an education that reflects who they are. Join us in building a world where LGBTQ+ youth are safe, seen and heard. 


The things we learn at school stay with us for a lifetime – and we’re not just talking maths. In these critical years, we learn about ourselves, each other, and all the wonderful differences that make up our world.  


We also learn how we fit into this world. And every child, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves to feel that they belong.  


We know inclusive education is a game changer for LGBTQ+ children. Our research shows that when they feel recognised and respected by teachers and peers, it helps them to grow up into confident, self-assured adults who can fulfil their potential. 


But inclusive education is under attack. In recent years, we have seen rising numbers of protests outside schools by those who feel LGBTQ-inclusive teaching goes against parents’ rights to decide what their children learn. And across Europe, we are seeing what happens if these sentiments go unchallenged. In Hungary, for example, a law has been passed banning the teaching of LGBTQ+ content in schools – echoing Section 28, the damaging legislation that harmed generations of LGBTQ+ people here in the UK. 


We owe LGBTQ+ children an education that reflects who they are. For over 30 years, Stonewall has been sharing its expertise and research with governments and schools to ensure they get exactly that. 

With your help, we could expand the services we offer to schools in the UK:

- £10 can fund a 1-1 phone call for a UK school, to offer guidance on supporting their LGBTQ+ pupils

- £25 can fund a bespoke consultation with a school to help them build an LGBTQ+ inclusive learning environment

- £50 can fund a day's online support to schools and college, connecting our experts with teachers

- £100 can fund a webinar bringing together teachers and staff to share best practice on LGBTQ+ inclusion and create communities of schools

-£150 can fund the creation of a full lesson pack for primary and secondary pupils, which supports teachers to embed LGBTQ+ inclusion into their existing lesson plans and curriculum.

Will you help us scale up our work, allowing us to give even more LGBTQ+ children and young people the start in life they deserve? 

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Stop the threats to LGBTQ-inclusive education.

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