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Why did you start your project?

The KKIS Project wa founded 10 years ago in Playa del Carmen by Gayle Collins, a retired school-teacher from Chicago who fell in love with Mexico and was heartbroken to see that unlinke in the U.S., where education is mandatory, in Mexico so many children aren't in school simply because they can't afford it. She reached out to local institutions to find out where there was a greatest need and began giving out free school supplies in parks. Over the course of 10 years, and thanks to a number of generous donors, The KKIS Project began giving full scholarships to high school and university students, starting an English Conversation Club and creating Mentor and Advisor programs to help students from low income households complete an education and erradicate the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

How would you explain a normal day in your life? (inside the project)

I am Nina Blake, the Communications Manager at The KKIS Project. I am in love with what I do because as a storyteller, I get to listen to the stories from our students, their families and communities and share them with our volunteers, donors and sponsors, to really give them a feel of how much their contributions mean to these kids. A normal day in my life involves me multitasking a million things at once, as we are a tiny team of 6, who currently have 75 sponsored high school students and 11 sponsored university students. Let me say one thing, work at KKIS is never boring and there are always exciting things happening around!

What is the biggest achievement until now, inside your project?

We have reached many milestones along the years. I would like to share an infographic of some of our greatest accomplishments as we celebrate our 10th year of Keeping Kids in School.

Who are the people behind your project and what you can tell about them?

The biographies of our four working board members can be found here: https://kkisproject.org/about-us/ I'd say they are all true inspirations of kind and loving people that genuinely care about making a difference in the world. While they are all retired from successful careers, instead of sitting back and relaxing, I can see them put their heart and soul -and endless hours of work- into the cause that they believe in so much.

What are you going to do, if you receive 10.000 Dollars for your project?

Send as many high school and university scholars as we can to school on full scholarships in Playa del Carmen and the surrounding areas!

If you could have ONE wish in life, what would it be? Share your heart, mind & love with us.

That all children in Mexico were in the school system, enrolled in a free and fair education system, with proper technology and supplies to achieve their greatest potential and reach their dreams! The world would be a fairer, more compassionate place, which is definitely something we need right now!

Thanks for your trust. Please follow the development on bike4peace.eu

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