'All Around' - The KiDs Worship Album







They love to experience life! They are real & authentic. 

Kids exhibit their feelings uninhibited from the moment they are born.

Hi everyone! It's Wanda Mann here.

I've been doing a lot of songwriting lately and 

some of it with... a different generation than myself 

and, we think it's time to make a new album! 

Only this time, it's just for kids!!!

Kids have always played a large part in my life going back to my teen years even, working at a Circle Square Ranch (InterVarsity summer camps). I was only 16 at the time and was given the opportunity to lead in a high-energy time of praise & worship each night at their campfire. Kids would dance & sing, staff would make up actions and we would find that in all the fun of celebrating Jesus, a door would open to the very presence of God. 

I think God was smiling!

Many years later, I still love doing this... worshiping God, writing new songs that give a voice to others around me, and leading them into His presence.

There is a new generation in front of us who wants this as well!


As I observe culture, there has been a steady decline in people knowing truth, the truth that Jesus came to bring us and gave His life for. People seem to be lost in their own ideals. I believe that kids want truth. They want something they can believe in and cheer about. 

So many children are struggling with hurt & loneliness. They need to know that God is good and absolutely loves them. They need to know that Jesus is the answer to life and that He wants to heal them. He is amazing to serve and worship!

We remember what we sing.
I have also observed that music is a powerful tool that helps us learn and retain ideas. Our children are at such impressionable ages. This is a great opportunity to partner with music that intentionally uses the word of God, lifts His name high, thanks Him for all He has done, and is a fun, contemporary sound!

That is why we have started 'All Around'. It's an exciting, kids praise & worship album that is full of original tunes, designed to teach about, honour & praise Jesus and... is made just for children!

I do not normally put things out there like this. In fact, I have never done a campaign like this before BUT, In all honesty, I can't do this by myself.
I don't have the ability technically or financially BUT, I am on a mission to see quality music produced for our children and youth - the future generations of our nation.
- For music that will teach Biblical principles
- For music that is fun and speaks our kid's language
- For music that gives children a voice to worship God and bring praise to Jesus.
This is my passion.
And, this is what I am inviting you to partner with.

You will find music that:

- resonates with the heart of a child
- teaches important truths from the Bible
- brings honour to Jesus Christ
- celebrates the goodness of our amazing God!

What will funds be used for?
- Producing, Recording, Mastering
- Photos & Graphic work for Album & Website
- Lyric Videos

- Manufacturing of CD's & DVD's

When are funds needed?
Right now.
We have started recording with October Productions. Three songs are complete and mastered and are currently being released to online storefronts. Album artwork is done, a website is up (www.kidsworship.ca) and lyric videos are being created.


I'm inviting you to join me in this adventure of bringing new songs, written specifically for children -- your KiDs, grandchildren and our nation's children, so they can sing and learn more about our incredible God & Saviour Jesus Christ.

This is a community effort.
Every part matters from the writing to singing, producing, designing and financing. I know this album needs be done and that God is faithful to His call and will supply. 

You'll find several reward levels or you can create your donation amount.

I hope you will join the adventure!

I am honoured that you are taking the time to read, pray and ask God what He would like you to do for this album. It is all for His popularity. Let's give the younger generation something that will help them grow in love and surrender to Jesus, rooting them firmly in their faith and convictions, helping their hearts and minds establish who God is and who they will serve.

- Wanda Mann 

O Lord our God, the majesty and glory of your name fills all the earth and overflows the heavens. 
You have taught the little children to praise you perfectly.
May their example shame and silence your enemies!
Psalm 8:1-2

Living Bible (TLB) The Living Bible copyright © 1971 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.

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