Kerr 4 WI Kids

Dear Advocates for ALL Kids and Families in Wisconsin,


As I reflect, there are many takeaways from this experience. Our kids and our schools shouldn’t be political, but unfortunately, the road to this office was made hyper-partisan by special interests. I’m an educator at heart, but I learned so much about politics from this campaign. We intentionally organized a bipartisan campaign team to prove that we can work together, share different ideas, and make change. We don’t always have to agree, and we didn’t. I am still hopeful about our coming together from both sides of the aisle and the middle in the best interest of our children.  

My Kerr4WIKids campaign was about connecting and meeting people safely, even during a pandemic. It was always about building coalitions.  This was my favorite part of the campaign. Everyone I met on the campaign trail cared about education and wanted our Wisconsin kids to have a great education.  

I am not defeated, just delayed in what I hope to help ALL kids WIN in Wisconsin. I am committed to continue fighting and advocating for all Wisconsin kids. 

 Contribute today for our future!  I ask you to consider making one more donation to help us close out our campaign, pay outstanding bills, and reimburse my staff.  I would be so grateful for your donation for today and our future.  Perhaps, donate $20.22 as we reposition for the future! Thank you again! 

If you’d prefer to mail a check, please send it to:

Kerr for Wisconsin Kids Campaign

ATTN: Sydney Nelson and Tom Joynt - Treasurers

6112 Stefanie Way

Caledonia, WI 53108

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      Donor Wall110

      John | $25

      Dear Deb, I voted for Jill Underly in the election, but it was not an easy choice. You have, from all accounts, done a marvelous job in Brown Deer’s diverse public schools, and if you had won I would have felt good about that. Thank you for all you’ve done and will do. I do wish there were a way to make these elections less partisan. If ever you have a chance to help with that, I would appreciate your doing so. We are all Wisconsinites, and we need to find shared solutions at all levels and in all departments of our government. Best regards,

      Mike Novak | $100

      The truth must be told on TV and radio! Dr. Kerr is the most qualified and the right choice for Wisconsin kids.

      E. Maria Villasenor | $50

      My 2nd donation because I believe Deb Kerr is the best qualified for DPI !

      David Certa | $100

      Terrence Ringe | $25

      It's TIME to get history & civics back into the classrooms! Our kids need to learn how great this country is.


      What is Dr. Kerr's stance on the growing promotion of "Critical Race Theory" curriculum in our schools across America and what if any place it serves in Wisconsin?

      David | $10

      Thanks for standing up for our Kids

      Scott Stieg | $25

      I support former Mayor Norquist's school choice plan; all parents should receive vouchers for the school of their choice.

      Jason Jonas | $50

      Christopher | $20

      Jim van Lieshout | $100

      William Marquardt | $50

      Pat Deklotz | $100

      Francesco Angelini | $30

      Craig Caldwell | $50

      Fred | $25

      We need to support ALL schools.

      Dave Evans | $50

      You'll get those reading scores up.

      Mike Novak | $100

      This is a donation for the good of all of my grandchildren.

      Marilyn | $10

      Jayne Philpott | $10

      Judi Pool | $25

      Mike | $100

      The choice for Wisconsin is clear!

      Shannon Torrance | $25

      Bruce Wild | $50

      Stu Olson | $500

      Wanda Montgomery | $100

      Continue to fight for the Kids!!!

      Danny Goldberg | $250

      A vote for Dr. Kerr is a vote for the dignity of all families and a vote against manipulation and intimidation.

      Edward Perkins | $50

      Blanche was my teachers for 1st thru 3rd grade in a 1 room school house, no running water, no indoor bathrooms. Her students were often at the top of the list in the county each year.

      Michael Drescher | $1,000

      Dr Kerr has unmatched skills to deliver for ALL children in the state . Deb has been elected by her peers as head of state organization as well as the national organization of Superintendents . Bravo.

      Mark Olsen | $25