Julien Miracle Baby Fund

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Donor Wall (89)

Sandy | $300

Our thoughts are with Julien! You will do great!

Adrienne Dworak | $100

Praying for you!!!


Daniel & Cristina Prays For You

Michele Howard | $100

With Love always praying. Michele Howard

Spectra Contract Flooring | $100

Kristy Jennings | $150

Thinking of you guys every day and sending you our love. Lila and Kate look forward to meeting sweet Julien one day!

Andrea Reed | $25

We send our prayers for healing for baby Julien. Much Love, the Reed Family

Mary Wargula | $100

Barbara and Bob Haines | $100

Such a beautiful little boy! Our thoughts t and prayers are with you and your family.

Dorene Petersen | $1,000

Patricia I am sending all my love and support. My heart aches for what you and your husband are going through but dont give up hope. Stem cell therapy is very powerful! I am sending white light and much love. xxxx Dorene

Cristina Pastore

Sending love and blessings your way for sweet Julien!

Kathy Brewer | $100

Prayers for a full recovery. A little warrior is about to take on the world. Julien you got this baby!

Page & Dave | $1,000

So hsppy to help sweet Julien!


Lara Hanson | $100

I wish I could give more but please know I am sending y'all much love and blessings. And I just have this feeling that everything is going to work out fine. And so it is. :)

Susan Righter | $100

Aida | $50

Sending you and your precious Julien lots of love πŸ’•

Morgan Baruzzini | $50

Sarah Mcmillen | $50

My prayers with you

Laura Rizzo | $25

Cheering for you Julien! Xo

Vikki & Rob

Rachelle Acevedo | $25

Marjan | $25

From bottom of my heart in full confidence and pure gentleness may the Julien be blessed with inner strength and inner healing! In full faith! So be it!!!

Beth | $25

Todd Tonnemacher | $200

My prayers are with you.

Mary Wright | $25

Joan Mochnick | $50

Brenda Arnett | $50

Praying for youπŸ™πŸΏ

Allie | $50

Thank you for sharing your story. My heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you and little Julien. Please know you have support and love from a community of people near and far.

Duane Smith | $50

You all are in my prayers.

Anonymous | $50

Prayers for Julien and your family

Andrea Pruner Barr | $100

Denise Cabral | $30

I got to know your story through Ms. Debbie. Prayers, faith and love are the most powerful things, I send them to you with all my heart.

keith kennedy | $100


Praying for your family and healing for baby Julien.

Margaret | $50

Thinking of you - Di Di & Marnie


A story of joy, sorrow, love and compassion. I sincerely hope the stem cell therapy works for your baby boy!

Lauren Rutkowski Campbell

Sending love & prayers your way!

Nadine & Donnie

Sending positive vibes your way. We love you


Sending you love and prayers!

Angiw King | $25

Love and prayers! You got this Julien!

Marnie | $25

Sending you all much love. Thank you for your vulnerability, courage, and letting us contribute to you.

Stephanie Harmon | $50

Bernard Lannan | $50

We lost our first granddaughter similarly, and pray the stem cell therapy is successful for your family. God Bless you for your strength and guidance on this difficult journey.

Joi Dupre | $25

Much love to you and your family. Julien is truly blessed. He couldn't have chosen two better people as his parents. Sending you and your family lots of love, prayers, and healing energy.

Mike & V Mazurk | $100

Lisa Ribeiro | $25

We live in Miramont & delivered our son at Northside - your story really hit home & touched me! Let’s have a play date when Julien is a little older, neighbor ; )


Prayers for Julien

Marilyn | $50

Michelle Baldwin Capecelatro | $100

Lauren Fogarty

Wishing your family the best! I hope this therapy helps sweet Julien!

Cathleen Andreola | $100

Thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful blessing, Julien and your family. Honored to be part of his Village. xoxo

John & Christine Mazurk | $200

Helen Hill | $75

Keith Grawert | $50

Praying for your family.

Jennifer Nichols

Lorri McQueary | $10

Bless you and Julian for a bright future!

Evelyn Smith | $100

We will be praying for a successful procedure for Julian. God Bless you and your family. Buddy and Ebbie Smith

Devon McKenna | $100

Such an honor to meet sweet Julien yesterday, he's lucky to have 2 amazing parents!

Mike & Michelle Bayhi | $200

Thinking of you guys and sweet, handsome baby Julien. <3

Kathy Iorio | $100

Brooke Maile | $500

Julien is a lucky little guy with you as parents! I see him as a brilliant doctor one day....

Emily Vanderkley | $50

My Mother benefited from a stem cell transplant as part of her cancer treatment plan. I know these two procedures aren't identical, but I too have faith that this will greatly benefit your sweet little miracle, Julien. Jacob and I can't wait to meet Julien and exchange hugs and snuggles! You have the Vanderkleys love and prayers. Stay strong and positive even though it may seem impossible some days. May God bless your family with all you need! Xxx

Michelle Forrester | $50

Congratulations on such a beautiful baby! Please accept my small donation from my big heart! ❀️ Praying for Julien. XO Michelle

Dean Konomos | $50

RJ Kim Bibby

God Bless Julien! Your a strong little buddy - boy! Love Kim/RJ

Lori Hart | $50

Melissa Mednick | $100

With love and hugs to all three of you!

Leslie Hilkman | $100

Kirk Douglas | $100

I am praying for you, Patricia and baby Julien!! #ONELOVE

Tara Palma | $100

Your family is in our prayers everyday! Sending you lots of love, hope, healing and peace. XOXO Tara, Alex & Lucy

Ryan Lynch | $50

Allie Petzold | $50

Will keep you, your hubby, and baby Julien in my prayers. XOXOX

Ray | $300

Barbara Coleman | $50

My prayers are with you and Ken and Julien. I love you, Patricia!!

Chuck | $50

Jenny Munn

Patricia - thinking of you and your sweet baby boy. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Sending lots of prayers and love to your family. Jenny (Bono) Munn

Valerie Anonyuo | $50

You both are the best parents Julien could ask for. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for a wonderful outcome and life ahead for Julien.


I miss seeing you in dance class. Thanks for being so open and sharing your story v.

Joleen Hillius | $50

Sending love and support to sweet baby Julien. Fingers crossed for a successful result.

Pete Flanagan | $25

Kevin Calhoun | $50

Praying for all of you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎβ€οΈ

Shana Lighty | $25

Praying for Julien love Nick and Shana

Myron Harvey | $50

May God bless your son my old friend.

Jo Anne Parker | $25

My prayers go out to Kenny, Patricia and Baby Julien. God is a Healer Jo Anne Parker

Caitlin Way | $100

Love you three so much!

Emily Wiggins | $25

To My Cousins, Kenneth, Patricia & Baby Julien....Praying for your Peace, Strength & Love. Praying that GOD holds You All in his Loving Arms...πŸ™πŸΎ

Nicole Feuerherm | $100

πŸ’•There is no foot πŸ‘£ too small that it cannot leave an imprint in our hearts πŸ’• Praying for strength & guidance for you both but most of all protection and healing for Julien from our Lord above. Love you guys.

Hilary & Calvin Edwards

So happy for y'all! Sending bliss, blessings and an abundance of joy!