Jonalyne Nadonga

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          Donor Wall (35)

          Kate | £6.97

          I’m so happy the goal has already been met! Although this is a small donation, I hope it will help towards her child’s future and education. Thank you VERSE.


          Jonalyne and Prince, I wish them a very bright future ahead! Thanks VERSE for telling her story! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✨✨✨

          Thant lynn | S$1

          Eva | $33.05

          Jonalnye, you and your son’s future is so incredibly bright. I wish you both nothing but the best! When I saw you painted your shop pink I fell in love.


          Mai | $15.79

          Kristine | $5

          Michaela Abraham | $20

          I really hope you get to buy a new home and a store. God bless your family ❤️


          Frendy Aristo | $5.47

          Hope this small token of donation will be effective to have a better life

          Bobby | $28.17

          God bless. Hoping that my little contribution will help you in someway. Thank you to the Verse team as well for making this possible.

          Tidarat | S$5

          Bless you. Let’s make miracles come true.

          Sylvia Isabel Tan | S$5


          wishing you the best in the future. God bless!

          Jason Ou | £3.33

          I hope you and your child a great future

          Zoe Tran | A$52.04

          Wish her family the best in the near future! Many thanks to the team. This platform helps me to reach out and share!


          I've been searching for a long time to find a platform that shows the direct impact of donating. Your content is what the world needs. Thank you for giving these individuals a voice.


          As a Pilipina American college student, I know through my immigrant parents how hard it is and takes to try and get out of poverty. I hope that although my donation is small, that it will help provide a positive and long impact on Jonalyne's life. There is a pinay across the world who is in your corner and who wants to see you succeed.

          Zenaida hidalgo

          Anonymous | $31.27

          jeff hopkins | $5.47

          Anonymous | $10.63

          Jolyn Chai | S$10.74

          I'm also approximately 20 years old and I can't imagine how she must have felt to work everyday without knowing if she could support her child's meals but there are others of her age able to receive an education and get a better paying job. Although $10 is a small amount, I hope that it may be enough to support a few meals for the both of you. Much love

          Amanda Hartley | $53.97

          Wish her and her son the best. May they find peace! Do not cry God is going to send you many blessings.

          MELANNIE LAVARIAS | $53.97

          Marieke | 47,74 €


          James | $5.47

          Alicia Valentin | £41.51

          Elisabeth | $28.17