Jacks Back! A Ultra - Marathon to provide desperately needed food to the Balinese community!






Here we go again! 

We all thought Bali would of improved by now but it hasn’t. It’s become a shell of the vibrant tourist destination we all know and love, many more people are without jobs and don’t know when or where there next meal will come from. 

This time I’ll be running from Lovina In the north of Bali straight down the middle of the island finishing at F45 Canggu. Totaling an ultra-marathon between 80-90 km with 1600 meters elevation.  It will push every limit I have leaving at 3 am on September 14 finishing in the afternoon.... 8-15 hours ...I truly don't know

Donations go directly to Scholars of Sustenance "Rescue Kitchen", the island leader in providing relief from the effects of Covid-19 on the economy. The Rescue kitchen is providing HIGHLY nutritious cooked meals combined with the long-lasting dry goods to provide temporary aid due to the current conditions. 

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    Donor Wall65

    Ange | A$300

    Clancy | A$20

    Luke | A$200

    Well Done mate

    Skye Jones | A$20

    Bailey | A$50

    So much respect for you mate, you’re an absolute warrior 👊🏼

    Rachel | A$20

    Heston Camilla | A$500

    Jordan | A$100

    Absolute legend, keep up the life changing work brother 👍



    Karla Longstaff | A$20

    Inspiring Jack, well done !!

    Meg Stuart | A$10

    David Paech | A$20

    Bloody Legend effort!

    Ciara Casey | A$10

    Mitch Holland | A$10

    Applauding your efforts mate 👏🏻👏🏻 Doing great things for the people who need it most


    Liv | A$30

    Amazing work Jack, you’re killing it!

    Duncan | A$20

    Good on ya mate, leading by example!

    Loryn Farnden | A$20


    Big love captain jack x

    Mike 'Akerz' Akerman | A$80.30

    Well done Old Mate. Bule Gila.

    Rosie Clayton | A$50

    Saffron | A$30

    onya Jack

    Cameron Thompson | A$20


    Graeme Nicholas | A$20


    Terri Dempsey-Ceh

    Melissa Smith | A$50

    Krisso | A$20

    Kill it brother 🤙

    Bella | A$10

    Simon Bach | A$50

    Massive Effort mate!!! Well done

    John Ahearn | A$100

    Go your hardest jack