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What is Employee Gift Matching?

Many companies offer matching funds for employees that donate to charitable causes.

Our partnership with Double the Donation enables Donorbox to help you leverage those matching funds.

Double The Donation

How does Double the Donation complement Donorbox?

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Boost Your Revenue

Company gift matching literally multiplies your donations—and revenue. Just by enabling company matching on your donation form, many of your supporters’ donations can effectively double.

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Increase the Impact of Supporter’s Donations

Your donors will be glad that they can increase the impact of their donation simply by searching for their employer in the database. They want to support your organization and its mission as much as possible, and this is an easy way to do just that.

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Take Away Roadblocks to Donations Matching

The best part about using company matching is that it’s effortless on your end. Your donor goes through the straightforward process on their side. You’re able to spend more time focusing on your mission, and can use these additional funds to further your cause!

How does Employee Gift Matching work?

Once enabled on your Donorbox account, employer donation matching appears as an option on the first page of your donation form. After your donor selects the donation amount, they can search for their employer’s company to see if their employer matches donations.

After their donation, we give your donor a link to a donation matching page with their employer’s matching procedures. This donation matching page is branded with your organization’s logo and has your tax ID and contact information. It also has answers to the most frequently asked questions that donors have about corporate matching.

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Search for Participating Matching Companies

Along with our matching gift page, Donorbox also offers a donation matching search widget that you can easily embed on your website.

Either way, your donor can search for their employer and look up more information on participating companies.

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Relevant Matching Donation Information

After your donor selects their employer from the search drop-down menu, they will see all of the company’s relevant matching donation information.

Employer matching can be confusing for some donors. Luckily, all the information they would ever want to know about their employer’s matching program is found here!

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