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      Defund the Insurrectionists
      LiveIntent drops Human Events + The Post Millennial 🐾

      Whoa there, happy Friday! We're excited to share that LiveIntent, an adtech company that places ads in email newsletters, has dropped The Post Millennial. This is what we call a TWOFER!

      As you may recall, The Post Millennial was recently acquired by Human Events Media Group, which employs Charlie Kirk as a Senior Contributor. To prepare for the acquisition, The Post Milllennial began sharing its advertising accounts with Human Events. 

      So when LiveIntent cut off The Post Millennial, they cut off both outlets. No one wants to be known for serving a neo-Nazi affiliated media organization, we guess! 🤷🏻‍♀️


      Yahoo drops Human Events (a Charlie Kirk employer) 🐾

      Yesterday, we managed to knock out TWO hate sites for the price of one: Human Events (where Charlie Kirk is a Senior Contributor) and The Post Millennial, a Canadian disinformation outlet.

      Here's how we did it: Since ~September, we've been working to cut The Post Millennial off from ad exchanges. It worked. They lost access to over half a dozen exchanges and have been hemorrhaging money since we began our work on them. Last week, we learned that our efforts had been more successful than even we knew: The Post Millennial announced they had been acquired by Human Events Media Group.

      Human Events Media Group employs both Charlie Kirk and Jack Posobiec, the infamous Pizzagate troll and conspiracy theorist as staff members.

      As part of the merger, they have started sharing the same advertising account across ad exchanges. That is, they're pooling their advertising revenues from both websites into a single bank account. This allows them to run their existing websites and keep spinning up new ones to collect ad revenues when advertisers block them. In fact, they've been running a Canadian tourism website solely to raise ad revenues to fund their disinformation content.

      This meant that Yahoo was now directly financing a white nationalist-affiliated media organization and the only way out is to shut down the entire account. 

      Yahoo agreed. A source close to the Yahoo ads team confirmed that they had blocked all websites associated with the account — and we believe they will drop the account from their sellers.json file (the public ledger of inventory they monetize) shortly. 

      This is another big win for our campaign. We are so grateful for your support.


      PixFuture drops Performance One Media (home to Bannon's War Room) 🐾

      Hi there, 

      We promise we're not just making up names for adtech companies. There are just *so many* of them out there. 

      This time, it's a company called PixFuture, one of the many adtech middlemen you hear us talking about. PixFuture partnered with Real America's Voice for years until we brought it to his attention last week.

      The CEO was aggressive and accused us of making false accusations about his company. But unfortunately for him, we always show up with receipts. PixFuture had Real America's Voice featured on its own homepage and its own sellers.json file.

      PixFuture has now removed Performance One Media from its directory and has also removed all publisher partner logos on their homepage (ha!).

      This was definitely a weird one — but as usual, we're pleased with the outcome.

      Here's the CEO's statement on LinkedIn:

      You can catch up on the whole exchange between PixFuture and us here:

      Unruly drops Performance One Media (Steve Bannon) 🐾

      Happy Friday! This is one we're really excited about. It took us weeks (months?) of writing to Unruly, a major ad exchange owned by Tremor International, to cut ties with Performance One Media. But one day after we published our issue of BRANDED focusing on their relationship with Bannon, the company dropped the account the center of our story. 

      This is a victory — but the work isn't over yet. Unruly is still working with Performance One Media through other accounts. For example, they have a seller account in their inventory called "Weather Nation TV, Inc." But guess what? That's just Performance One Media's DBA name — a different registered name for the same exact company. 

      Of course we're going to stay on the case and keep you posted. 🤝

      If you'd like to read up on the details of Unruly's ongoing (and increasingly underground) ties to Bannon, read up here:

      And if you missed this week's BRANDED, now's your chance to catch up!

      Have a great weekend everybody!

      Yahoo drops Performance One Media (Steve Bannon) 🐾

      We just learned that Yahoo has dropped Performance One Media, the company behind Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic, from their inventory. This is a big fish, folks! Ad exchanges don't always tell us what they're up to. That's why we monitor them for you. 🙂


      Media Net blocks Real America's Voice, home to Steve Bannon 🐾

      Looks like things are starting to get sticky for Steve! 👋🏼, a contextual advertising platform, has confirmed they blocked Real America's Voice from their inventory. The block has been active since February 10, 2022. 

      In a statement to Check My Ads, said:


      When our Compliance Team stops monetization on a Publisher, our internal systems move the sellers.json entry of that Publisher to internal test accounts. We do not delete the entry internally to ensure we maintain an audit trail.


      Note: Once our Compliance Team flags an account to stop monetization, the account is never reinstated even if there is a sellers.json or an ads.txt entry present.


      What happened with AmericasVoice.News?


      Due to a human error, some of our test entries were made public in our sellers.json (you can see this from the multiple test entries that are currently present on our sellers.json) and will be fixed shortly.  


      Note: While the human error exposed the internal sellers.json entries, the monetization on the Publisher was never resumed.

      Last week, Freewheel, a Comcast company, confirmed they had also blocked Real America's Voice from their inventory. This is amazing news. The momentum is on our side. 💪🏼

      Freewheel drops Real America's Voice (Steve Bannon's channel) 🐾

      Freewheel, a Comcast company, has blocked Real America's Voice ( from its inventory. This makes it the first ad exchange to demonetize the digital home of Steve Bannon and his show, Pandemic War Room.

      OpenX drops Glenn Beck's The Blaze 🐾

      Hey team, 

      GREAT NEWS. We've been able to confirm that OpenX, an ad exchange we've been sending emails to, has dropped The Blaze from their inventory. This makes three: Quantcast and Yahoo! Ads also dropped the Glenn Beck outlet last week. 

      Like most ad exchanges, OpenX did not contact us directly to tell us this. Instead, we monitor their publisher directory ( to see which websites they have taken off their list. 

      This is an ongoing pattern for adtech companies: monetize the bad stuff until they are called out and then secretly remove it as if it never happened. That's because it's not their money — it's their clients' advertising budgets they've been messing around with. And their clients do NOT want their ads on insurrectionist content.

      If you sent an email to OpenX, you helped make this happen. Thank you so much. We couldn't do this without you. 👏🏼

      P.S. OpenX may still be monetizing The Blaze through an intermediary relationship: Google Open Bidding. We are monitoring this link and reaching out to OpenX's comms team for a status update on that.

      Yahoo Ads blocks Glenn Beck's The Blaze 🐾

      INCREDIBLE! A source within Yahoo tells us that the platform has blocked The Blaze and Blaze Media as a result of your emails. Yahoo has also blocked other J6 insurrectionists, including Steve Bannon, Dan Bongino and Charlie. Kirk.

      Per the source:

      Yahoo does not take misinformation lightly. They have blocked media from Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, Dan Boningo, and Glen Beck (Rumble - blocked in Jan 2021 -, Blaze, etc.). They are looking into additional media and will continue to do so ongoing.

      We really wish these companies would go on the record. Ater all, if they're too ashamed to 'fess up to who they were partnering with, they shouldn't be partnering with them to begin with! But this is how the advertising industry is used to operating: with zero transparency and zero accountability. 

      That's why we're here! 💪🏼 Thank you everyone for sending an email today. You're doing the work to take back our democracy. We're grateful to you.

      Edited 02/16/2022
      Quantcast blocks Glenn Beck's The Blaze 🐾

      OK, this is a juicy one! After a month of reaching out to Quantcast, they've finally let us know: They've blocked Glenn Beck's The Blaze from their inventory. Quantcast VP of Global Services Ajay Akatrai just emailed us to say: 

      "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Apologies if you did not receive our earlier response to your initial request. 

      Quantcast has partnered with GDI (Global Disinformation Index) to ensure we leverage trusted, non-partisan, and independent ratings to assess disinformation risks tied to a site/domain. After consulting with GDI, we agreed with your assessment and was added to our Global Block List effective January 20th, 2022."

      This means that major brands like Adobe, Dell and Microsoft will no longer be advertising on The Blaze through Quantcast. (Although they could end up there through some other pipe — and we'll be watching for that.) 

      Thanks to everyone who sent an email and made this happen! We did this together. 🔥

      Edited 02/11/2022
      Basis Technologies (formerly Centro) Drops Charlie Kirk 🐾

      WOW! We received this statement yesterday, along with a confirmation that Charlie Kirk AND Salem News Channel has been blocked by Basis:

      "As I said to the team today, even though it’s possible 95% of Salem Media Group’s journalism may be professional with a conservative/Christian viewpoint, they pay and host personalities who have propagated all of the things I just mentioned which makes it an easy decision to remove them from receiving advertising dollars. Additionally, and this is even an easier call, our marketing dollars will not be supporting sites, or sites who host individuals, who took part in the planning, organization, and/or events surrounding the January 6th insurrection and failed coup attempt." 

      — Shawn Riegsecker, Founder and CEO of Basis Technologies

      Shawn has also been responding to many of you individually. We appreciate that. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send this email. You were heard! 💪🏼


      Edited 02/11/2022
      Google Ads drops Dan Bongino ( 🐾

      Fox News host Dan Bongino’s website has been temporarily suspended from monetizing with Google ads over “persistently” breaching the company’s guidelines on publishing COVID-19 misinformation. “We have strict publisher policies in place that explicitly prohibit misleading and harmful content around the COVID-19 pandemic and demonstrably false claims about our elections. When publishers persistently breach our policies, we stop serving Google ads on their sites,” a Google spokesperson told The Daily Beast on Friday afternoon.


      in a fit of rage, Bongino's team has announced they will no longer use Google Ads on their other website, BonginoReport(.)com. 


      Edited 02/11/2022
      Playwire drops CharlieKirk(.)com 🐾

      Playwire, Charlie Kirk's ad management platform, dropped CharlieKirk(.)com on January 6th. That means there are no more ads on CharlieKirk(.)com. 👍🏼


      Edited 02/11/2022
      TimCast(.)com no longer has ads 🐾

      We don't know if Tim Pool was dropped by his ad management platform, Freestar, or if he just opted to shut down his Google ads. The advertising industry is too damn opaque! What we do know is that there are no more ads on his website, and that's what counts.

      (He makes most of his ad revenues from YouTube — we'll come for that soon.)


      Edited 02/11/2022
      Dan Bongino has been permabanned from YouTube 🐾

      Hell yeah, we'd like to take credit for this one but it looks like he did this all by himself.