Get Active Online! Contributions

Prior to attending a Get Active Online! session you are required to make a contribution towards the costs of paying the practitioners and supporting production.  Following your payment, you will receive a password enabling you to access our 'Zoom Room' (ID: 8080804040).  You will also receive an emailed receipt that includes a one-click link that has the password embedded for easy access.

Your contribution books you on to the session(s) you wish to attend within the current week.  Please do not book for the week ahead prior to the schedule being published (see date range in the payments box).

Intercultural Roots is the host for these sessions, providing opportunities for a growing number of interdisciplinary artists and somatic health and wellbeing practitioners.  It continues to assist people in delivering sessions in these exceptional times. The practitioners are, like many others, out of employment, and Intercultural Roots provides a charity platform that enables them to receive small amounts of additional income from participants and donors.

Contribution per Session

As a not-for-profit charity, 100% of contributions go towards supporting the practitioners and costs of delivering the sessions.  

Contributions of GBP £6 (or equivalent in your currency) per person per session are required, although in recognition of the difficulties many of us are facing, we offer an exceptional concessionary rate of GBP £3 (or equivalent in your currency) per person per session for people with a low household income ('student / unemployed / senior').  

It's important that you include the name of the Teacher and the Date for each of the sessions you are booking for the current week.  If you are paying for multiple sessions you must include the details for each session you will attend for the register.  This will avoid you being mistakenly invoiced for attending sessions you have paid for. 

We welcome additional donations and these  make it possible to grow this platform and the wider work of Intercultural Roots.  In our payments box you are able to input any amount of donation and, for UK taxpayers, you can opt-in to make this a Gift Aid Donation that provides us with an additional 25% from the UK Government. Thank you for financially contributing and supporting our charitable objectives.

Video Recordings of Sessions

You may purchase a video recording of any of our back-catalogue of sessions (see our online calendar at Get Active Online) for GBP £6 (or equivalent in your currency).

It's important that you include the name of the Teacher and the Date the session was delivered and we will then send you a link to the video for you to view or download (in Speaker view) for your own private use. This facility means that for a GBP £6 (or equivalent in your currency) contribution you can view or download any session, even if you were not able to participate.

Terms & Conditions for Video Recordings

In downloading any recording you agree that it will be used for non-commercial, personal purposes only and will not be publicly shared. Recordings nor images taken from recordings may not be sold, used, shared or published online or commercially in any way whatsoever unless authorised in writing by Intercultural Roots. Intercultural Roots maintains Copyright with All Rights Reserved to all recordings provided.

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    Intercultural Roots is a partnership of two charities each registered with the Charity Commission in the UK to operate worldwide. Intercultural Roots for Traditional Embodied Arts (Registered Charity No. 1146653). Intercultural Roots for Public Health (Registered Charity No. 1179885).