Infinite Pass

How does this work?

1. Donate once

Make a single donation for a number of performances and deal with the payment UX just once.

2. Choose how many performances to attend

Tell us how many concerts your donation covers in the comment.

3. Only receive tickets

At least one day before the concert you will receive your ticket from us.

4. Can't come? No problem.

We'll keep the count of your concerts and presence. If you can not come on a specific date, we'll keep inviting you. There is no expiry date to your pass!

5. Repeat :)

Once you have come to all the performances covered by your pass, just get a new one!

How much should I donate?

We encourage you to make a donation on behalf of every person who will participates in the online concerts together with you. We believe that 4 euros per person is a fair minimum, yet most guests usually contribute around 9 euros, so if you have the means and wish to support the artists and Invisible City further, we’d be grateful if your donation corresponds to what feels fairest to you. You can also make a donation directly to the Invisible City account (for example, from your Revolut app or similar):

Account name: Invisible City MTÜ

IBAN: EE88 7700 7710 0336 8942


When you make a transfer, please mention your email so that we send you your tickets!

Choose amount Information Payment

Deal with the payment once, enjoy meeting many artists! If you donate more then the minimum, please select "Write us a comment" option and tell us how many future tickets we should gloriously send you!

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