HuskerBoard Fall 2017 Fundraiser - Keep the Board you LOVE FREE

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**A HUGE Thanks to everyone who pitched in over the summer to help us meet our goal! That means so much to us - it even helped us upgrade the skin / board to a better version - so we put the money right back into the community. 

Please consider helping again this fall, to pay our regular bills and operate this site purely as a Husker fan funded & operated community! You guys rock. **

Do you enjoy Huskerboard? Would you weep BIG RED tears if it ceased to exist, or added a membership fee? Us too.

As you may know, giant gerbils no longer power the internet.

For the past 12+ years we haven't asked for much, but the expenses are catching up.

This is where the POWER OF THE RED comes in. We know you guys are the best sports fans on the planet. We also know you are part of the best Husker forum on the webs. Now it's time to prove our collective greatness!

Please join together and pitch in anything you can to help keep the board you love FREE.  

Consider this a voluntary membership fee.

It's simple. You pick the amount you feel is fair, based on the value HB has offered you over the past days, weeks, months, years, or decade.

Do you use HB for breaking recruiting news so you can stay up to the minute? Do you use it for entertainment? Camaraderie with fellow Huskers? Have you made friends on HB?

But PLEASE do your part and pitch in what you can, instead of expecting someone else will do it.. your help is needed!

Thanks for your support, and making HB the best Husker hangout. EVER.