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               I'm french, so writing in english is definitly very tricky to me. I'm Papa. Michaël Papa. Founder and Manager of House Station Live from its very own debut on december 27, 2011. Between 2006 and 2008, this project was called Turbo Musik, its intention was to get an FM/DAB frequency. Almost 15 years after the origin of the project, and 10 years of work with the webradio, i'm here begging you for a little help. I'm from a poor family. Never get any help of any kind at any moment.

               It's in some ways painful to admit that I'm a loser and I need help; but this help isn't personal. You help hundred of young djs we features everyday to get visibility. You help hundred of listeners who likes to be entertained in the very special way that only HSL provides. You help to fight against marketing and major medias, who places business results before the respect of the customer. You help yourself to believe in a better place. A place without abusive amount of Ads or Elevator Music. A place with a crystal clear 320k spacial sound, with an handcrafted automate-DJ, fading individualy the low, the mid and the high frequencies on intro and outro of each track. A place where harmony is more important than gender or popularity. A place where we don't feature ourselves or our schedules, but only the artists we plays.

               It took years to found interesting rewards ideas for you, cause everything in our system is free. We came up with this idea of private shows in your region**. And some goodies with on-demand design**. The amount of your donation should cover the production of the reward, in addition to the donation. We hire people to provide high-end quality handcrafted goodies and services. Theses people are not part of our charity and needs a salary. By clicking to the right on your screen, you don't simply donate. You say yes to our policy and philosophy. So, come on, join the House Party! Get your Member Card aujourd'hui*! (*today) (**Learn more about HSL Crowdfunding Campaign)

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