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    Help us make Harm Reduction Therapy the umbrella for all drug and mental health treatment in the United States.  It is truly the most comprehensive and the most welcoming of all treatment approaches.  It understands that people use drugs for reasons and it seeks to develop a relationship with anyone who uses drugs, in whatever way and for whatever reason.

    CHRT breaks down the walls of the traditional mental health clinic and the usual psychotherapy office. It is the most progressive mental health and drug treatment organization in our communities.

    Our vision is a mental health treatment system that understands substance use as just another way that people cope, a system that does not discriminate against people who use drugs, and a system that gives people real alternatives to managing their internal distress and external stress.

    By supporting our work with the most complicated people – people that most other mental health and drug treatment programs can’t help – you will be supporting a program that is considered a model around the nation.

    The Harm Reduction Therapy Center is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization. No goods or services were exchanged for this gift.