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Anonymous | $829.44

Thank you for all the work you all are doing to help others through this continued pandemic.

Monroe Talent Management Inc. | $259.55

Dan | $21.23

Happy birthday Dorian and Jayson!

mark | $10.87

From Portland, Oregon. Thinking about the people in these cold months.


I am not indigenous, but my daughter-in-law is half Hopi, which means my grandchildren are Hopi too. I'm very proud of them and would love to help a little.

Gary Lomayesva | $26.27

Kelly Medley | $26.27

Hama Matsu | $104.15

Keep the great work!!


Askwali from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts to help our community! ๐Ÿ’œ Sirai, Laikey & Baby Hope

Nicole Whittington-Johnson

In honor of my dad, Perry Whittington, and hopes of a chance to learn more about my ancestry ๐Ÿงก

Vickie Fang | $208

Kevin | $52.23

For EQ- thanks for the Toe surgery. Semper Fi

Matt and Peggy

I know you will put this to good use providing food and supplies for the Hopi people. We wish you well.

Linda McLachlan | $52.23

In honor of the Footprints for Hopi 10K and COVID relief.

Amelia | $21.08

Mark Lawler | $300

Sports Warriors Track Club | $20

Thank you for your effort to support those who need a hand up.

Leticia | $104.15

Your work is important and a big thank you to all of the volunteers!

Run Your Race AZ | $104.15

Run Your Race AZ

Staci Lor | $519.52

To the Hopi People from Staci Lor at Highgarden Real Estate. Sending you much blessings and wishes of good health.


Sponsorship at the Copper level for the first annual "Footprints for Hopi" 10K virtual run on behalf of The Tenorio-Bitahey Family. Askwalii for all that Hopi Relief does for the Hopi community!

Sampson | $500

Continue the amazing work you do for our people! This donation comes from a monthly running challenge group on Facebook. We are an eclectic group of runners who want to run 100 miles a month.

Anonymous | $100

I can no longer serve the Hopi people at the clinic or hospital in person, so please accept this. And I miss you

Stephen | $200

Since I am too far way to volunteer (Tennessee) please accept this donation.

Wesley | $500

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.


Wayne | $500

On behalf of my family and friends, we thank you, Hopi Relief founders, staff, and volunteers, for the meaningful and important work you're doing for our Hopi families and Dine' Neighbors.

Jacqueline Ehresman | $31.46


I have visited a Hopi village and collect Hopi pottery and jewelry. I wish to help Hopi people and especially the elders in this time of great need.

Bryan | $181.80