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€ 10,000


Why did you start your project?

I got to know the people, I was taken in and cared for, I saw their needs and I knew, help was possible, it was my turn to help taking care, too. The goal for me was enabling people to help themselves by imparting skills and competences.

How would you explain a normal day in your life? (inside the project)

I would take a 8km bike ride over sand roads to get to the project side. Reaching the project would be followed by a hearty welcome by stuff and pupils of the school. Before lessons start, the school grounds are taken care of, everyone is helping cleaning them. Around 8 am lessons will start after morning assembly including singing the school anthem. The pupil really enjoy it, it brings them closer together as a unit. Meanwhile the cook of the school will start preparing the warm meal for lunchbreak, most times it is rice with tomatoes, oil, onion and tinned fish. During the first break, the pupils usually enjoy mingling together, dancing, playing clapping games, playing soccer or just sitting in the shade and talk. After break the lessons continue. As it is getting quite hot outside, one can literally feel the skin burning and the pupils are really looking forward to lunchbreak. For most of them it's the first meal of the day. Once they all washed their hands, they are getting their bowls from the cook, then they all try to get a spot in the shade of the veranda on the floor to enjoy their meal. First come, first served, as we have not been able to build a canteen by now, some pupils always have to sit in the sun for lunch. With new energy the pupils start their last lessons for the day. Once school is over, they return to their (foster) homes, helping on their farms, doing house works or homework and taking care of what needs to be done.

What is the biggest achievement until now, inside your project?

Being able to continue taking care of the school education of all the children we started the project with until now. Growing the school with them as they grow and even being able to take in more pupils with them every year. We initiated and constructed a complete primary school and a Junior High School. We started our school in 2014 with 26 orphans, - today 142 children get education there.They receive a daily meal, basic medicine care, school materials and uniforms.

Who are the people behind your project and what you can tell about them?

I am behind the project, Johanna Sander. I have visited Ghana several times and made myself familiar with the conditions. I have known the people in Nayorku - including the teachers and students - personally since 2011 and am in direct contact with them almost every day via telephone and WhatsApp. I get help from Torsten Schwetje, a mechanical engineer who helps me organize projects. Likewise from Katharina Schmidt, who manages the finances. We are a registered association and recognized by the tax office as non-profit.

What are you going to do, if you receive 10.000 Dollars for your project?

We would build a canteen and library for the school. We would also try to open up the school for adult education after lessons for the whole community to benefit from it. The well on the school grounds also needs to be updated as the water has no good quality any more.

If you could have ONE wish in life, what would it be? Share your heart, mind & love with us.

We would not wish for equality, but equity. We are certain, that this wish can not be fulfilled by a single person, one can not do everything, but everyone can do one thing - that's all the difference we are wishing for.

Thanks for your trust. Please follow the development on bike4peace.eu

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