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At the Judith A Bassett Canid Education and Conservation we believe that every animal has the right to exist both as a species and as an individual. This belief is the foundation for our mission and compels us to fight for animals in dire conditions and allow them to have full and happy lives.   This year we have been called upon to save some foxes and we need your help!!!  This is going to truly be a global fox rescue project!

Saving Panda, Panda's story:

In March, a colleague informed us about some foxes that needed help. This colleague works with the groundbreaking Russian Domesticated Fox Project at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. This scientific project, originally started to better understand how wolves turned into man's BFF,  has been ongoing for over 60 years and is currently helping scientists better understand many human social bonding disorders, like Autism Spectrum Disorder. Under normal circumstances, some of the kits from their litters are placed in homes, zoos, or sanctuaries across the world to live their lives as ambassador animals, companions, educators, and more.  You may have met a few of them at our center during one of our encounters.  Viktor, Maksa and Mikhail are from this amazing project.

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, inflation in transportation costs, and increased difficulty of the importation process, no one wanted to attempt placing the baby foxes this year. The process was perceived as too difficult, too costly, and too much effort for anyone to try, leaving these foxes to be left behind. Our colleague fell in love with one of the baby foxes and named her Panda due to her beautiful white and black coloring.  Panda is the friendliest of foxes. She squeals in delight when someone takes some time to give her some attention. She shared with us her love of Panda and Panda's amazing Pals and you know what?  We fell in love too. If we can not find a way to get Panda out of Russia her future will be very bleak.  

We can't leave Panda and her pals behind, can you?

We have a donor willing to match the final donation amount to the maximum of $10,000!!!   

The US Fur Farm Rescue:  Saving ALL foxes! 

As we were tirelessly working on the logistics for the Panda and her Pals rescue, our rescue coordinator, Victoria, was contacted and told there was an urgent need to rescue 30 fur farm foxes right here in the US!!!  Yes, we still have fur farms in the US!!!  If we cannot rescue these foxes, they won't see the month's end. The fur farmer is willing to surrender the foxes to us to help save them..... BUT we need to find placements for these foxes!!!!  Our rescue coordinator immediately contacted me and we started brainstorming. We brought in fox rescue expert, Linsey who runs "Exotic Pet Wonderland" to help identify appropriate placement for these foxes and went into action to save not only Panda and her Pals, but her US Pals!! 

                No fox left behind, regardless of where you are!!!!  


The JABCECC is committed to helping ALL foxes in need, regardless of how "hard" it is... and we know these foxes need our help! Through our global network of partners, hours of coordinating, researching, and making sure everything was safe and possible...we did it!! We found a reasonable way to bring NOT ONLY Panda to the US, and with help from others we can also SAVE her Russian and US Pals too.  But we need to raise $20,000 by August to cover the transportation and importation costs of both the Russian Fox import and the US Fur Farm fox rescue.   We need to purchase special crates to keep them safe during transport, rent vehicles and mobilize folks across the country to pick up the foxes and transport them to various sanctuaries, pay export and import fees and for folks to travel with the foxes from Siberia. 

All the way from Novosbirisk, Russia (in the middle of Siberia) to the plains of middle America, we have worked tirelessly to pave a "save path" for these amazing foxes to take towards their new ambassador lives at the center or to just be alive and safe in a sanctuary, but we need you.

Only with your help can we save baby Panda and her Russian and US Pals. While the cost of transportation is high and this International project is a massive undertaking, we know that each fox is unique and deserves a beautiful life. 

The more we’re able to raise, the more foxes we’ll be able to save!!!

Please help baby Panda and her fox Pals and help us bring them to safety!  Many of these foxes will die horrible deaths by the END OF JULY if we don't do something TODAY!!!!  Many of these foxes will be Ambassadors for their wild and captive bred counterparts - telling their story to many who learn about them thru the sanctuaries they are placed in.  The Russian domesticated foxes, like Panda, will be able to safely interact with people and allow them to better understand foxes thru this interaction.  What we do know is that each of them deserves to live and they will certainly be loved by many, and spread joy, happiness, and kindness through their ability to heal the hearts of all that meet them!  


We need you to make this possible. 

The time is now to stand together and help save Panda and her Pals. No one else was willing to help these foxes. 

Will you stand with us and Panda to help save their lives?  Every dollar helps to help us save their lives!! 

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